Old logo

Hello, I make Chinese Help Wiki logo. Can you...

  1. reupload it to File:Wiki.png
  2. Change in MediaWiki:Hydradark.css and MediaWiki:Hydra.css next strokes:
/* Logo */
#p-logo a {
    width: 553px;
    height: 80px;
    margin-top: 70px;
  1. Enjoy :D Alex Great討論) 2017年1月27日 (五) 06:32 (UTC)
Template:@ Hi,Alex Great.My team thinks that the font in this image is not very beautiful.We can make a new Wiki logo.SteveZihang討論) 2017年1月27日 (五) 07:28 (UTC)
No problem. You can make new logo, or can give a name of most better font. Alex Great討論) 2017年1月27日 (五) 09:21 (UTC)
OK.SteveZihang討論) 2017年1月27日 (五) 11:09 (UTC)
I like the idea of having a more language specific version of the logo. I trust you all to come up with an acceptable variation — Game widow ( talk ) 2017年1月2&7日 (五) 13:16 (UTC)
SteveZihang, I like new version by Craft Lawrence. This curly variant is more sitable for existed Quicksand font in "Gamepedia" word. Good job. Alex Great討論) 2017年1月28日 (六) 05:30 (UTC)
No offence Alex, but where did you even manage to find a font that ugly XD. - Craft Lawrence討論) 2017年1月28日 (六) 05:33 (UTC)
Nice. I was tried to find good font, by my searching results is awful. Alex Great討論) 2017年1月28日 (六) 06:37 (UTC)

My bot[]

Please give "bot" premission to my bot SzBot.Thanks.SteveZihang討論) 2017年1月27日 (五) 13:30 (UTC)

Done — Game widow ( talk ) 2017年1月27日 (五) 13:55 (UTC)
Thank you,my friend!:)SteveZihang討論) 2017年1月27日 (五) 14:02 (UTC)

Documentation or Doc[]

We thinks that Template:Documentation is better than Template:Doc so we use Template:Documentation in this wiki.SteveZihang討論) 2017年1月28日 (六) 03:45 (UTC)

Then you should fix it because it is unreadable in dark mode (go to Preferences and select Hydradark, then look at a page where you are using it) — Game widow ( talk ) 2017年1月28日 (六) 13:42 (UTC)
Oh sorry.I don't know how to fix.Maybe we must use Template:Doc.SteveZihang討論) 2017年1月28日 (六) 15:08 (UTC)
Maybe the problem lies in the css in Module:Documentation but I don't know how to fix.SteveZihang討論) 2017年1月28日 (六) 15:15 (UTC)
I can play around with it and see if i can come up with a solution, but that's why i had made the original change back to {{doc}}Game widow ( talk ) 2017年1月28日 (六) 15:24 (UTC)
I think i fixed it — Game widow ( talk ) 2017年1月28日 (六) 15:34 (UTC)
Thanks you.SteveZihang討論) 2017年1月29日 (日) 02:15 (UTC)

interwiki on Special:近期變更(Recent changes)[]

Open Special:近期變更(Recent changes), and click the "English",it will jump to "Special:Recentchangestext" on English Wiki,but there isn't this special page on English help wiki.SteveZihang討論) 2017年1月31日 (二) 14:19 (UTC)

Oops, typo ... and i've fixed it — Game widow ( talk ) 2017年1月31日 (二) 14:22 (UTC)
OK.SteveZihang討論) 2017年1月31日 (二) 14:25 (UTC)

Hi,why does me can't create a wiki in Gamepedia?[]

I went to Offcial Gamepedia website,I put Create a New Wiki button.But after fill out the form,I can't find my new wiki.Can you help me?-- 2019年1月12日 (六) 07:49 (UTC)

All requests are reviewed, first. We do not automatically create every wiki that is requested. Which wiki did you request ? — Game widow ( talk ) 2019年1月12日 (六) 14:21 (UTC)

I want to create AbyssalCraft Wiki,five months later, does Curse hasn't reviewed this wiki?Or this wiki don't approved?-- 2019年1月13日 (日) 12:32 (UTC) I have two account,one is Mashkjo,the other is Lourvesick,both these accounts requested wiki,but I can't find the wiki now or past.-- 2019年1月13日 (日) 12:37 (UTC) Does Angrydog001 told you in Gamepedia Slack(It may that's why the wiki don't approved)?He said me is a bad user.Don't believe him,I think he is bad too.He shouldn't have administrator Group.-- 2019年1月13日 (日) 12:42 (UTC)

You just ping me, but still, I want to say something. I also have a question for you: Have you read the wiki rule before you edited articles? Everyone should obey it. Though hundreds of users obey the rule, why you couldn't do it plz. Other administrators and I found that you was always using MT, and not suggest using it. But you was determined to ignore our suggestions, and persist in doing it that you continue to. So we blocked you according to the wiki rule after discussions on zh-wiki's translation team (Supported: 8/Opposed: 0). You sent a request for unblocking the account when you are blocked by me, but don't realize that "I have done some vandalism, it's my fault", so I rejected it. Soon, you post comments which is about "Chinese Administrators are dictators"/"Angrydog001 YOU COME OUT!!!"/"LHLR is good time to die down here" and let me and others who hate your behavior spammed on Chinese community (Obviously on Baidu Tieba), that's serious personal attack. You should have your moments of quiet introspection.--Angrydog001討論) 2019年1月13日 (日) 13:32 (UTC)
I'm sorry you were not advised that your proposal was not accepted. There is an AbyssalCraft wiki on Fandom. However, what Angrydog001 has described is not good wiki contributor behaviour and your admission to having multiple logins does not inspire confidence — Game widow ( talk ) 2019年1月13日 (日) 14:24 (UTC)
@Angrydog001,did you think you can deceive Gamepedia's worker?Do you sure your talk are real?I must tell Gamepedia's worker the truth,I want to say something too.First,you asked me did I read the wiki rule before I edited articles,but I want to say that,I had already read the wiki rule a long time ago,and I used MT in the wiki,I didn't know that's not good,but you never suggest me,you blocked me instead,and I used sources edit next,but you still blocked me.So why were supported number 8?Because if anyone think that's not a good decided,you will create a Global Block for him and enlarge his behavior.I sent a request in wiki QQ Group,but I was busy in that moment,so I may not reply you timely,but you moved me out of the group in an instant.Then,you always deleted my created pages,so I asked you in Baidu Tieba,but you enlarge my talk too.As for LHLR,you don't know,he cursed me.Let's see his talk:"mash孝子真孝順,他媽臨死前還在棺材板上哭。"Translate:"mash is a good Dutiful son,in his mom dead time he is crying on coffin board."That's serious personal attack.Why couldn't me counterattack back?You are Strong word.-- 2019年2月19日 (二) 06:49 (UTC)
Game_widow,Angrydog001 also created a bad page for me(Advent of Ascension Wiki:目前活躍的破壞者/MashkJo),he viewed my real name and wrote in that page.If you don't believe me,you can see that page's deleted log:Here.And you can visit here,you can know Angrydog001's intention.That's also a serious personal attack.-- 2019年2月19日 (二) 06:54 (UTC)