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Gamepedia Staff are users who work for Gamepedia and perform a variety of functions dealing with the administration of users and wikis.


  • Adjust wiki points of a user directly (wpa_adjust_points)
  • Delete achievements (delete_achievements)
  • Edit achievements (edit_achievements)
  • Edit meta style local achievements (edit_meta_achievements)
  • Generate points comp reports (points_comp_reports)
  • Manually award or unaward achievements (award_achievements)
  • Perform administrator tasks on achievements (achievement_admin)
  • Restore deleted achievements (restore_achievements)
  • View user wiki points history (wiki_points_admin)
  • 可以访问维基数据分析管理员面板 (analytics)
  • 复核并批准/拒绝wiki认领 (wiki_claims)
  • 编辑全站CSS (editsitecss)
  • 编辑全站JSON (editsitejson)
  • 编辑全站JavaScript (editsitejs)
  • 编辑其他用户的CSS文件 (editusercss)
  • 编辑其他用户的JSON文件 (edituserjson)
  • 编辑其他用户的JavaScript文件 (edituserjs)
  • 编辑用户界面 (editinterface)