You now know the most important things for contributing to Gamepedia. We're glad you wish to help develop Gamepedia, and we hope you enjoy participating in this virtual community. To experiment with editing, you can use your personal Help Wiki:Sandbox. The Community portal lists tasks that you can help with. If you need any further help, the main help page is located at Gamepedia Help Wiki. A link to this help wiki is always available across the entire Gamepedia network on the Gamepedia sidebar under Help Wiki. Don't be afraid to edit, as you are encouraged to be bold! If you do get stuck, there are Gamepedia staff and community members available to answer your questions, see asking for help for more information.

Congratulations on making it to the end of the Gamepedia Tutorial. Happy editing!

Is there anything else to learn?[]

This tutorial has been kept short and sweet, but you can always learn more. See Getting started and Contents for a more comprehensive listing of guides.

Editing references[]

  • Wiki markup cheatsheet listing the basic editing commands.
  • Manual of Style a guide on consistent and clean formatting.
  • The Community portal provides links to community resources — this page is always available in the navigation sidebar.

Administration references[]

  • Administrators guide an introduction on administrating Gamepedia wikis.
  • Blocking users a guide on how to block or unblock users.

Asking for help[]

Gamepedia staff and community members are available for assistance. Each wiki has a Community portal and Admin noticeboard listed in the sidebar where users can contact administrators or community members for assistance. Users can be contacted directly on their user discussion/talk page or through their CurseProfile comment board.

How To Contact Gamepedia provides a list of other methods to contact the Gamepedia staff including email, social media, and the forums. This page also lists all the members of Gamepedia staff. IRC is used by Gamepedia staff and community members alike.