Creating a basic user-generated guide system requires the following pages:

  1. Example guide
  2. Template:Guide infobox
  3. Guide/preload
  4. Guide/editintro (optional)
  5. 创建一个指南

The first step is to design an example guide to determine basic page layout. Determine what is the basic information that would be most helpful in a guide for players. If there is information that should be included in all guides, and to allow for some basic automatic functions like categorization, an infobox template can be very useful.

Once these pages are created, create Guide/preload. This is simply a fill-in-the-blank skeleton that will appear in the editbox when a user goes to create a new guide. Basic instructions can be included in commented format, though be aware that new users often don't understand how comments work, and guides may need to be corrected until they learn.

An optional set of instructions can be created as Guide/editintro that will appear above the editbox when a user creates a new guide. The most effective format for instructions is step by step bullet points. Wall of text instructions tend to be ignored by most users.

The final step is creating the launch page Create a guide. This page utilizes the InputBox extension that is standard on all Gamepedia wikis. This page can be transcluded where ever the Create a Guide option is appropriate.