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50 This page was guided for historical Gamepedia wikis that may contain outdated information. For Fandom's up-to-date information, see Help:Community guidelines and Help:Policies.

Writing guidelines or policies for your wiki community can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some resources available to help guide the process.

Basic tenets

To best encourage community growth, it is recommended to keep these tenets in mind when developing guidelines:

If you stick to these basic principles, you will be off to a good start in growing a strong community around your wiki.

Learn from other wikis

When writing guidelines for a wiki, it may be helpful to refer to what other communities have done.

  • Wikipedia. You may think of Wikipedia as the standard against which all other wiki communities ought to be compared. However, keep in mind that the Wikipedia community is highly bureaucratic and has its own issues. For example, Wikipedia's notability policy limits what can be published on the wiki by requiring specific sources be used—but this is likely not desired on a wiki about a specific subject—as long as it's on-topic it is likely good content to be added to the wiki.
  • Other Gamepedia wikis. Established wikis such as Minecraft and Wowpedia have well-developed policies which have served their wikis well. As the subject matter is more likely closer in relation to what your wiki may be about, these may be good resources.

Other notes

Besides the basic tenets above, you may want to consider issues such as enforcement of copyright protection and whether or not exploits/cheating are allowed to be discussed on the wiki.

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