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50 This page was guided for historical Gamepedia wikis that may contain outdated information. For Fandom's up-to-date information, see Help:Theme Designer.

In your user preferences, you can specify your favorite wiki and the wiki avatar, or "thumbnail" will then be displayed on your user profile.

Wiki administrators may, from time to time, want to update their wiki's appearance and might want to change the look of this image. To do so, follow the instructions below:

Creating a wiki avatar

These instructions assume a basic understanding of working with an image editing tool.

  1. Get the wiki's logo and background images. If the image is unsuitable for the job, then look for a different background (official art, promotional images, etc.). Load them in your preferred image editing tool.
  2. Resize and crop the background so its dimensions are exactly 157 (width) x 118px (height). If the image is a pattern or a huge image with small details, crop it down before resizing it to make it legible.
  3. Resize the logo so it can fit inside the thumbnail, and drop it onto the background. Center the logo layer. Don't make it too big or it'll take too much space on the thumbnail, and it'll look off.
  4. (Optional) Darken, lighten, or use the smudge or paint tools to diminish the prominence of any imperfections or glaring details on the background image that might be too obvious or distracting (half cropped details or characters, text from the background image, etc.) You can go to "Image > Adjustments" and toy with the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels of the background layer if needed.
  5. (Optional) If the background image makes the logo hard to read, use styles/effects on the logo layer, like a glow or drop-shadow. In GIMP, use Filters / Light and Shadow / Drop Shadow… . On Photoshop, Outer Glow (Size 3 glow with a color sampled from the background), or Drop Shadow (Toggle off global light and set distance + size to 1) usually does the trick.
  6. Save as a ".png" or ".jpg" file and send it over to Fandom Support, so they can upload it for you.