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Many wiki communities utilize Discord servers to communicate and organize.

Creating a server

If you want to create a server for your wiki, first check that wiki to make sure it doesn't already have one, then consult with the active community and administrators to decide if one is wanted and who should create it. For information on the actual creation process, see "How do I create a server?" on Discord support.

Once the server is created, it should be easy to find on the wiki. The community portal, sidebar (located at MediaWiki:Sidebar), and site notice (MediaWiki:Sitenotice) are common places to notify users of the server.

Existing servers

This section lists the Discord servers for many Gamepedia and Fandom Wikis. Please note that this list is provided as a convenience to editors, and we cannot guarantee that all links are still valid or that all wiki servers are present here, nor can we monitor the conduct within these servers. The official Gamepedia/Fandom Discord server can be found at

Please feel free to add your own wiki-related Discord servers. Make sure you copied a permanent server invite for your wiki's server, added your wiki's name and linked it.

If the server is not focused on the wiki and instead it is focused on the general topic and it has a channel specific for wiki discussion, you can add the server invite for that server and add to the notes column on which channel wiki discussion happens.