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The sprite editor provides a simple interface for editing sprite sheet files, and their accompanying IDs modules.


Sprite editor edit.png

Click the sprite edit tab to begin. It can be found on the sprite's main template page, and on any pages where the {{Sprite editor}} template has been placed (which should be on the sprite sheet file page and the IDs page).

Adding images

Sprite editor new image.png
Sprite editor drop image.png

Press the "New image" toolbar button and select one or more images, or drag and drop one or more images from your desktop onto the section you wish to place them in.

Adding additional names

Sprite editor new name.png

Hover over the box and press the + icon, then start typing.

Adding sections

Press the "Add section" toolbar button, then start typing.

Moving images to new sections

Sprite editor move image.png
Sprite editor move image drop.png

Hover over the box and drag the chequered handle, the sections will collapse to a single line. Now drop the box onto the desired section.

Moving sections

Sprite editor move section.png
Sprite editor move section drop.png

Hover over the section name and drag the chequered handle, the sections will collapse to a single line. Now drop the section into the desired position.

Deprecating names

Sprite editor deprecation tool.png
Sprite editor deprecated name.png

Click the tools select box, and choose the "Deprecate" tool. Click on any name to toggle its deprecation flag. Click the tools select box, press Esc, or click another toolbar button to exit the deprecation tool.

The sprite module can use the deprecated flag to add pages using deprecated sprites to a category (such as "Category:Pages using deprecated sprite names"), to help find and remove any uses of deprecated names.

Changing section names and image names

Click on a section name or image name to start editing it, then click somewhere else or press ↵ Enter when finished.

Deleting sections and image names

Edit the name and remove all the text, then click somewhere else or press ↵ Enter.

Deleting a section will delete all the images and names within it. Deleting all the names for an image will delete the image itself. The last section cannot be deleted, and will revert back to the default section name.

Replacing, downloading, and deleting images

Sprite editor image options.png

Clicking on an image will open a menu containing options for replacing, downloading, and deleting an image. Deleting an image will also remove all its names. An image can also be deleted by deleting all its names.


Press the "Save" toolbar button to expand the toolbar to reveal the save form. Here the edit summary can be entered, changes can be reviewed, and the changes can actually be saved. While the save form is open, edits can still be made.

Duplicate names

If a duplicate section or image name is entered, a warning will be displayed, and saving will not be allowed until it is fixed.

Edit conflicts

Should an unresolvable edit conflict occur during saving, a dialog will be displayed containing the latest text on the left, your text on the right, and a diff between the two below. You must manually modify the left textbox to integrate your changes from right textbox. If you wish to overwrite the latest edit, just copy-paste from the right textbox to the left textbox. Not further edit conflicts will occur. You can also exit the edit conflict dialog and remove any changes you made which were conflicting and try saving again.

MediaWiki does not support edit conflicts for images, so any image changes you make will overwrite the conflicting changes.


Press the "Read" tab, the back button in the browser, or just navigate to a different page. If you've made any changes, you will be warned about them being lost if you continue.