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This page contains information about TemplateData. An extention helping you using the Visual Editor.

  1. First we create a new Template, in the case for developing this guide it was: Template:TemplateData test --> See source here: Template:TemplateData test

If your template is still under development, you should use the user namespace. You find more informations at Templates. Now we want to make a this newly generated template available in the visual editor.

Examples from the template

Short usage 1

{{TemplateData test| Hydra book.png |My Test}}

Hydra book.png |My Test

Short usage 2

{{TemplateData test| icon = Hydra book.png |name = My Test}} icon = Hydra book.png |name = My Test

Create the TemplateData tag

Now we need to create the template data tag inside the template to make sure, that the template can be used inside the editor.

    "description": "Label unsigned comments in a conversation.",
    "params": {
        "user": {
            "label": "User's name",
            "type": "wiki-user-name",
            "required": true,
            "description": "User name of person who forgot to sign their comment.",
            "aliases": ["1"]
        "date": {
            "label": "Date",
            "suggested": true,
            "description": {
                "en": "Timestamp of when the comment was posted, in YYYY-MM-DD format."
            "aliases": ["2"],
            "autovalue": "{{subst:#time:Y-m-d}}"
        "year": {
            "label": "Year",
            "type": "number"
        "month": {
            "label": "Month",
            "inherits": "year"
        "day": {
            "label": "Day",
            "inherits": "year"
        "comment": {
            "required": false
    "sets": [
            "label": "Date",
            "params": ["year", "month", "day"]
    "maps": {
        "ExampleConsumer": {
            "foo": "user",
            "bar": ["year", "month", "day"],
            "quux": [
                ["day", "month"],
                ["month", "year"],

A prototype to copy