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Update: We're in the final few hundred accounts in clean up. Optimistic that we will complete today. Sorry for the extended disruption. Important that we get it right before turning the systems back on.

As many of you are aware, we have been working on unifying the login systems of Fandom and Gamepedia as part of the Unified Community Platform project.

I am happy to announce that this incredibly complex work is nearing completion (or already done, depending on when you read this)! One piece that needs to be called out, however, is the fact that we are having to overcome some username conflicts.

Username conflicts and solving them

A username conflict is when an account on Fandom and an account on Gamepedia share the same username and, thus, cannot exist on the same system.

We found over 80,000 conflicts without a way to determine if the user was the same, so we needed to make changes to resolve the conflicts. More information on the conflict resolution can be found here.

A set of rules was constructed to resolve the conflicts by determining which account gets to keep the username and which account will need to be renamed. After the rules were applied, only 19 conflicts remained which required manual resolution.

What happens to accounts which need to be renamed?

If you did not get to keep the username, your account will have -fduser or -gpuser at the end of it. You will be entitled to a username change if your account did not keep its username.

When does the system unify?

After at least a full day of work, starting at 3pm US Eastern Time on July 21st, the login system will be unified. During this maintenance, new logins and registrations on Gamepedia will be disabled, but login sessions already in place will be respected. Once maintenance is complete, all login sessions on Gamepedia will be reset and you will need to login using the new unified Fandom login.

After the maintenance is complete, you will be able to disconnect your Twitch account and login using a normal password if you so choose, which is new for Gamepedia users. That’s right, the Twitch requirement for Gamepedia is going away!