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This page is about translating system messages for Gamepedia extensions. It is not related to making new wikis in different languages, but if you speak multiple languages, you are encouraged to contribute to these messages where possible.

To help us, make the entire platform available in as many languages as possible, please help us by contributing to our GitLab project. Below is a listing of the user-facing custom Gamepedia extensions and the system messages associated with them. Click on the extension name to navigate to the i18n folder for that extension. From there, copy the en.json file to <your language code>.json (e.g. zh.json), making sure to change the author information, and change any strings you want to translate, and delete any lines you don't want to translate. Then submit a merge request for it to be approved to be added.

Gamepedia extension messages
Message English text
categoryskins Category Skins
categoryskin Category Skin
categoryskins_description Apply custom skins to pages according to category membership
action-skincategories assign skins to categories
cs_category_name Category Name
cs_title_prefix Title Prefix
cs_title_suffix Title Suffix
cs_logo Replacement Logo
cs_logo_help Give the name of an uploaded file to replace the wiki logo for the pages in this category.<br/>Some skins may require additional style rules in the stylesheet to apply the logo change.
cs_logo_link Logo Link
cs_logo_link_help Insert the page where the logo will to link to when a user clicks on it.
cs_prefix Title prefix
cs_suffix Title suffix
cs_suffix_help Title preview: <span class='cs_page_example'>Example Page Title</span>
cs_stylesheet Stylesheet
cs_style Apply CSS page
cs_style_help Will apply MediaWiki:CategoryName.css to style pages in the category.
cs_edit Edit
cs_delete Delete
cs_no_styles_exist No skins exist.
cs_error_category_required Category name is required.
cs_error_deleting_skin Error while deleting skin
cs_error_failed_skin_save Failed to save category skin
cs_error_invalid_category Invalid Category name.
cs_error_invalid_logo_page Invalid page.
cs_error_load_skin_for_id Could not load skin for ID: $1
cs_error_logo_required Logo is required for a custom page link
cs_error_no_id No id specified
cs_confirm_skin_delete Confirm deletion of skin for Category:$1
right-skincategories Create [[Special:CategorySkins|skins for categories]]
Message English text
achievements Achievements
achievements-title Achievements
achievements-title-for Achievements for $1
achievements_description Awards achievements to editors for varying levels of accomplishments.
no_achievements_found No achievements were found.
no_achievements_found_help To create achievements click the 'Add Achievement' button in the upper right. If this message has been reached in error please contact an administrator for assistance.
no_user_to_display_achievements The specified user to display achievements for was not found.
login_to_display_achievements You must be logged in to display your achievements.
no_mega_achievements_found No mega achievements were pulled from the service.
no_mega_achievements_found_help To create achievements click the 'Add Achievement' button in the upper right. If this message has been reached in error please contact an administrator for assistance.
required_by Required by
requires Requires
manage_achievements Manage Achievements
hide_deleted_achievements Hide Deleted
show_deleted_achievements Show Deleted
award_achievement Award Achievement
delete_achievement Delete
revert_achievement Revert
restore_achievement Restore
invalidatecache_achievement Clear Cache
edit_achievement Edit
add_achievement Add
achievement_name Display Name
achievement_name_helper Name this achievement; short names are best.
achievement_description Short Description
achievement_description_helper Enter a small blurb to describe how this achievement was awarded.
achievement_image Image Name (Example: File:Example.png) Minimum size: 120px x 120px
achievement_points Points Awarded
achievement_increment Increment - Number of times to complete any trigger for this achievement.
achievements_error Achievements Error
mega_achievements_error Mega Achievements Error
error_award_bad_user User name not found.
error_award_bad_achievement Achievement not found.
error_site_not_found The wiki could not be found for the site key provided.
error_bad_achievement_id The achievement ID provided for this action was invalid.
error_bad_achievement_parent_id The achievement parent ID provided for this action was invalid.
error_invalid_achievement_name Please enter a name/title for this achievement that is 50 characters or less.
error_invalid_achievement_description Please enter a description that is 150 characters or less. Long descriptions may get cut off in pop up displays.
error_invalid_achievement_image All achievements require an image file name. Exmaple: File:Example.png
error_invalid_achievement_url_domain Image URLs must be contained with the white list of allowed domains.
error_invalid_achievement_category Category is required for all achievements and may only be maximum of thirty characters long.
error_bad_wiki_site_key The wiki site to be loaded for this mega achievement could not be found. It may be missing, corrupted, or deleted. This mega achievement may need to be deleted.
error_achievement_protected_global This achievement can not be edited on a child wiki because it is protected or global.
error_maintenance_mode The achievements system is currently in maintenance.
error_achievement_unrevertable Can not revert an achievement that is already the parent achievement.
achievement_category Category
achievement_category_helper Type new or select existing from the drop down.
add_trigger Add Trigger
delete_trigger Delete Trigger
save_trigger Save
cancel_trigger Cancel
choose_existing_hook <Choose Existing Hook>
add_condition Add Condition
delete_condition Delete Condition
required_achievements The following achievements are required to unlock this achievement:
general_achievement_section Achievement Display
trigger_section Completion Rules
meta_section Meta
mega_section Select a wiki and site achievements for this mega
trigger_builder Add, edit, or remove triggers that award this achievement.
secret_achievement Secret - Hide this achievement from users until earned.
global_achievement Global - All progress towards this achievement will be earned on all wikis.
global_help Global achievements do not belong to a specific site and progress earned towards them occurs on all wikis.
protected_achievement Protected - Do not allow to be overridden/edited on local wikis.
protected_help Protect achievements such as special promotions that should not be modified on a local wiki level.
part_of_default_mega_achievement Make this achievement required for the default site mega achievement.
image_hint Click or Drag & Drop to upload image.
action-achievement_admin view the achievement admin interface
action-edit_achievements add or edit achievements
action-edit_meta_achievements add or edit meta achievements
action-delete_achievements delete achievements
action-wpa_adjust_points adjust the points of an user
delete_achievement_title Delete Achievement
delete_achievement_confirm Are you sure that you wish to delete this achievement?
revert_achievement_title Revert Achievement
revert_achievement_confirm Are you sure that you want to revert this achievement to default? This will remove any customizations from this achievement.
restore_achievement_title Restore Achievement
restore_achievement_confirm Are you sure that you wish to restore this achievement? Users will be able to immediately begin earning it.
image_upload_help Uploaded images will be stored in the local wiki and its corresponding file page name will be automatically entered below. A minimum of 120 by 120 pixels is recommended.
points_help Number of [[Special:WikiPoints|points]] awarded when completing this achievement.
secret_help Secret achievements do not visually appear to regular users under the achievement list until that user has earned them. Administrators can see secret achievements at any time.
part_of_default_mega_help Marking this achievement as part of the default site mega achievement will require users to earn it as part of the requirements of earning the default site mega achievement.
required_achievements_help Optionally select one or more achievements from the list to require those achievements to be completed before this achievement can be awarded. This automatically makes this a mega/meta achievement.
increment_help The number of times any combination of the triggers must be fired to award this achievement. Set to 0 to award immediately and require no increment.
manual_award_achievement Manually Awarded
manual_award_help This achievement will be awarded manually by an administrator through [[Special:AwardAchievement]] or programmatically by a custom code hook. These achievements do not get loaded at page rendering and will ignore completion rules.
action-award_achievements award or unaward achievements
awardachievement Award or Unaward Achievements
award_hint Type an username, select an achievement, and then click an action.
mega_award_hint Type an username, select a '''mega''' achievement, and then click an action.
local_username Username(s):
award Award
unaward Unaward
achievement_awarded Achievement $1 successfully.
achievement_awarded_to Achievement for $1 $2 successfully.
achievement_nochange_to Achievement for $1 was already $2.
achievement_award_partial_failed Some achievements failed to $1 for the following reasons:
achievement_award_failed Failed to $1 the achievement. The achievement may have already been $2 to the user. More information may be available below.
awarded awarded
unawarded unawarded
mega_achievements Mega Achievements
error_could_not_delete_mega Could not delete the mega achievement from the service. The returned error message was: "$1"
choose_site_for_mega Choose Site for Mega
no_site_use_base (Use Base Load Out - No Specific Site)
megaachievements Mega Achievements
error_unknown_achievement_service That was an unknown error with the achievement service attempting to run that function.
error_message_achievement_service That was an unknown error with the achievement service attempting to run that function. The message returned was: "$1"
plus_external_achievements Plus $1 more achievements on a different site.
wiki_search_placeholder Type to search for wikis to choose...
error_connecting_to_site There was an error connecting to the select wiki's database. Please check that the wiki is up and achievements are enabled.
bad_site_key The wiki site selected could not be found.
update_site_mega Update Site Mega
update_site_mega_confirm Updating the site main mega achievement will take all currently known achievements on a site and combine them into one mega on the global achievement service. If it does not already exist it will be created. Users that have already earned it will not be affected and users that have not will need to meet the new requirements to earn it. To confirm, click the button below.
mega_achievement_earned Mega Achievement Earned
criteria_stats Stats
criteria_stats_help These stats count for progress towards the achievement.
criteria_value Combined Stats Value Increment
criteria_value_help The total combined value required of the stats for the achievement to be awarded.
criteria_streak Streak
criteria_streak_help If not "none", progress towards this achievement can only be made once every streak period, and progress will be reset if progress is not made for an entire streak period.
criteria_streak_progress_required Streak Progress Required
criteria_streak_progress_required_help If streak is not "none", progress towards this achievement during each streak period may be made up to this value. If progress is only partially made to this value, it will be reset in the next streak period. For example, to implement an achievement described "Edit a wiki 5 times a day for 5 days", this would be 5 and value would be 25.
criteria_streak_reset_to_zero Streak Reset to Zero
criteria_streak_reset_to_zero_help If true, progress towards the streak will be reset to zero when the streak period expires without any progress. If false, progress will only be reset when partial progress is made as described under streak_progress_required.
criteria_per_site_progress_maximum Per Site Progress Maximum
criteria_per_site_progress_maximum_help If not 0, progress towards this achievement can only be made up to this value on each individual site. For an achievement described "Contributed to 50 different wikis", this would be 1 and value would be 50. Note that this only makes sense for achievements which are marked global.
criteria_category_id Award if earned all achievements in category:
criteria_category_id_help If not 0, this achievement is awarded when all other achievements in the category are complete.
criteria_achievement_ids Required Achievments
criteria_achievement_ids_help If not empty, this achievement is awared when all of the achievements specified by the ids in this list are complete.
prefs-cheevos-notification Achievement Notifications
cheevos-popup-notification Show toast notifications for newly awarded achievements
error_cheevos_service There was an error with the Cheevos service. If this error continues please report it to an administrator. The error reported is: "$1"
manageachievements Manage Achievements
revert_custom_achievement Revert to Default
special_achievement Special Achievement
special_help Make this achievement feel like a special flower.
show_on_all_sites_achievement Show On All Sites
show_on_all_sites_help This does nothing.
edit_disabled_protected Editing of Protected Achievements Disabled
click_to_upload_new_image click to upload new image
wikipoints WikiPoints
wikipoints_description A point system for wiki contributors with dynamic bounties for individual wikis in a farm
action-wiki_points_admin administer wiki points
action-wiki_points_multipliers administer wiki points multipliers
wikipointsadmin Wiki Points Admin
wiki_points_admin_lookup $1 - Wiki Points Admin
wikipointsaddsubtractbutton Adjust Points
wikipointsaddsubtracttooltip Enter +/- amount to adjust; maximum 10,000
wikipointsaddsubtractsuccess Points adjusted!
points_recently_earned Points recently earned
save_revocation Save Revocation
calculation_inputs Calculation Inputs
calculation_weights Calculation Weights
top_wiki_editors Top Wiki Editors
top_wiki_editors_monthly Top Wiki Editors - Monthly
top_wiki_editors_sites Top Wiki Editors - Sites
top_wiki_editors_sites_monthly Top Wiki Editors - Sites - Monthly
top_wiki_editors_global Top Wiki Editors - Global
top_wiki_editors_global_monthly Top Wiki Editors - Global - Monthly
wiki_user User
score Score
monthly Month
award_reason_manual Manually awarded
award_reason_edit_earned Wiki Edit earned
award_reason_edit_revoked Wiki Edit revoked
award_reason_achievement_earned Achievement earned
award_reason_achievement_revoked Achievement revoked
all_recently_earned All Recently Earned Points
recently_earned_points Recently earned points
timestamp Timestamp
rev Rev
user_not_found A user by that name was not found.
global_user_not_found A global user by that name was not found.
article_id_number Article ID #
na n/a
user_lookup User Lookup
lookup Lookup
m m
wx Wx
wy Wy
wz Wz
x x
y y
z z
username {{GENDER:$1|Username}}:
pages_edited pages edited (always 1 for individual edits)
unique_edit unique edit (0 if this user edited this page before)
char_size Char. Size
char_diff Char. Diff
deleted_article deleted or missing article
revoke_points Revoke these points
revoke_points_for Revoke points for this edit
rank Rank
levels_updated Point levels updated!
levels_update_error Error updating point levels.
add_level Add Level
modify_levels Modify Levels
save_levels Save Levels
points Points
level_text Level Text
image_icon Icon Image
image_large Large Image
levels_explanation Add levels in any point order. They will be reordered for display purposes. The level text can be anything, but should maintain a consistent theme.
wikipointslevels WikiPoints Levels
view_public_points_list View Public Wiki Points List
error_wikipoints_user_not_found No users were found with the provided user name.
error_maximum_points Integers larger than 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 or smaller than -9,223,372,036,854,775,807 are not supported.
pointsicon-tooltip Gamepedia Points
retotal_user Retotal Points on this Wiki
user_points_retotaled Points for $1 have been retotaled on this wiki. The global cache may take a few minutes to update.
user_points_retotaled_error There was an error attempting to retotal points for that user. Please make sure the user name is correct and exists on this wiki.
edits Edits
articles Articles
pages Pages
users Users
active Active Users
images Images
wikistats Wiki-centric Statistics
sp_contributions_wikipoints_admin points
specialpages-group-wikipoints Wiki Points
no_points_results_found No results found.
wiki_site Wiki
wp_contribs contributions
wp_admin admin
automatic_comp_email_subject Thanks for being an active editor on Gamepedia!
automatic_comp_email_body Dear $1,<br/>

<br/> Thanks for being an active editor on Gamepedia! We rely on the contributions from community members like yourself to continue growing as the best source of gaming information in the world.<br/> <br/> We want to ensure that our best users have the best experience, so we’re providing you with a free subscription to GamepediaPRO. PRO is our premium service that will allow you to have a first-rate experience on our wikis. Features include the removal of ads, faster browsing, and a special flair to show how awesome you are on your profile and other pages where your username is listed.<br/> <br/> Your free subscription will expire 3 months from today, overwriting any previous free subscription you may have had if it ended prior to that date. If you continue to be active, however, your free subscription will continue to be renewed each month!<br/> <br/> If you are not already, we would also like to invite you to join us on the Fandom/Gamepedia Discord. Discord is a messaging platform for gaming communities, and joining our Discord is a great way for you, as an active editor, to keep in touch with our staff as well as other active editors and admins. You can visit <a href=""></a> to join.<br/> <br/> If you have any questions about our Gamepedia editor appreciation PROgram, please feel free to contact us at <a href=""></a> or reach out to us on <a href="">Twitter</a> or <a href="">Facebook</a>! <br/> <br/> Thanks,<br/> The Gamepedia Team

automatic_comp_email_body_text Dear $1,

Thanks for being an active editor on Gamepedia! We rely on the contributions from community members like yourself to continue growing as the best source of gaming information in the world. We want to ensure that our best users have the best experience, so we’re providing you with a free subscription to GamepediaPRO. PRO is our premium service that will allow you to have a first-rate experience on our wikis. Features include the removal of ads, faster browsing, and a special flair to show how awesome you are on your profile and other pages where your username is listed. Your free subscription will expire 3 months from today, overwriting any previous free subscription you may have had if it ended prior to that date. If you continue to be active, however, your free subscription will continue to be renewed each month! If you are not already, we would also like to invite you to join us on the Fandom/Gamepedia Discord. Discord is a messaging platform for gaming communities, and joining our Discord is a great way for you, as an active editor, to keep in touch with our staff as well as other active editors and admins. You can visit to join. If you have any questions about our Gamepedia editor appreciation PROgram, please feel free to contact us at or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook! Thanks, The Gamepedia Team

wpa_user User
wpa_reason Reason
wpa_date Date
cheevos_api_error_title Cheevos API Error
cheevos_api_error Encountered Cheevos API error: $1
n-a N/A
achievement_id Achievement #$1
manual_adjustment Manual Adjustment
pointscomp Points Comp Reports
run_time Run Time
min_point_threshold Min. Point Threshold
max_point_threshold Max. Point Threshold
start_time Start Time
end_time End Time
total_new New
total_extended Extended
total_failed Failed
total_skipped Skipped
total_performed Performed
total_emailed Emailed
report_finished Finished
points_comp_report_error Points Comp Report Error
report_does_not_exist That report number does not exist.
comp_points Points
comp_new New
comp_extended Extended
comp_failed Failed
comp_skipped Skipped
current_comp_expires Current Comp Expires
new_comp_expires New Comp Expires
pointscomp_detail Comp Report #$1 - $2
comp_report_link #$1 - $2
comp_done Comp Done?
emailed Emailed?
grant_all_comps Grant All Comps
email_comped_users Email All Comped Users
grant_all_comps_and_email Grant All Comps and Send Email
grant_comp Grant Comp
send_comp_email Send Email
run_new_report Run New Report
total_users Total Users
points_comp_report_queued The requested report should finish in about ten minutes or less. Please refresh this page or come back later to check its progress.
points_comp_report_user_comp_success The requested user has been comped.
points_comp_report_user_comp_error The requested user could not be comped.
points_comp_report_email_success The requested user has been emailed.
points_comp_report_email_error The requested user could not be emailed.
invalid_minimum_threshold Invalid minimum point threshold provided.
invalid_maximum_threshold Invalid maximum point threshold provided.
invalid_start_time Invalid start time provided.
invalid_end_time Invalid end time provided
invalid_start_end_time_equal Start and end time can not be equal to each other.
action-points_comp_reports generate points comp reports
current_active_comps Current Active Comps
critera Criteria
criteria_not_before Can not earn before: (UTC)
criteria_not_after Can not earn after: (UTC)
download_report_csv Download Report CSV
right-achievement_admin Perform administrator tasks on achievements
right-edit_achievements Edit achievements
right-edit_meta_achievements Edit meta style local achievements
right-delete_achievements Delete achievements
right-restore_achievements Restore deleted achievements
right-award_achievements Manually award or unaward achievements
right-points_comp_reports Generate points comp reports
right-wiki_points_admin View [[Special:WikiPointsAdmin|user wiki points history]]
right-wpa_adjust_points Adjust wiki points of a user directly
achievement_save Save
short-header-user-interest-achievement-earned Achievement earned!
long-header-user-interest-achievement-earned Achievement earned!
reverb-pref-title-user-interest-achievement-earned Achievements
special-sidebar-user-interest-achievement-earned Achievements
apihelp-cheevosstats-summary Awards achievements to editors for varying levels of accomplishments.
Message English text
claimwiki_description Used for claiming a wiki as a winged guardian to help nurture it into a beautiful flower.
specialpages-group-claimwiki Claim Wiki
wikiclaims Wiki Claims
action-wiki_claims view or manage wiki claims
claim_this_wiki Claim This Wiki
wiki_claim_error Error - Wiki Claim
wiki_claim_disabled The wiki claims system has been disabled on this wiki.
send_claim Send Claim
group-wiki_guardian Wiki guardians
wiki_claim_question_0 Why do you want to become an administrator for this wiki?
wiki_claim_question_1 Describe your past experience working on wiki projects:
wiki_claim_question_2 Have you ever been an administrator on a wiki before and if so, what project(s)?
wiki_claim_question_3 How will you aim to improve this wiki as an administrator?
wiki_claim_question_0_error This field is required.
wiki_claim_question_1_error This field is required.
wiki_claim_question_2_error This field is required.
wiki_claim_question_3_error This field is required.
wiki_claim_agreement <h3>By applying as a Wiki Guardian you agree to, if accepted:</h3>

<ol> <li>Use the administrative tools made available to you with care and judgement, especially the ability to delete pages and to block users and IP addresses.</li> <li>Work to build better content and community on your wiki.</li> <li>Never use these tools in an abusive manner. For example, don't block another user just because they disagree with you.</li> <li>Lead by example and to behave in a respectful, civil manner in your interactions with others.</li> <li>Never share your password or account with any other person, for any reason. If you find out that your password has been compromised, or your account has been otherwise compromised (even by an editor or individual you know and trust), you should attempt to change it immediately, or otherwise report it to wiki staff members immediately.</li> </ol>

wiki_claim_more_info Before applying as a Wiki Guardian, please read the [[Project:Administrators_guide|administrator’s guide]]. Becoming a Wiki Guardian or Administrator does not confer any special rank or status, but merely grants the user the ability to use certain tools to assist in the maintenance of the project. Please consider spending some time contributing to the project before applying to become a Guardian. In most cases, applications will only be considered for users that have a significant contribution history on the project.
claim_not_found No Claim Found.
claim_agree I agree to the terms stated above.
claim_agree_error You must agree to the terms to submit a wiki claim.
claim_created Your claim to this wiki has been sent to a global administrator. You will be notified by email when your request is being reviewed. You should receive a response within 24 hours.
claim_pending Your claim to this wiki has been set as pending by a global administrator.
claim_inactive Your claim to this wiki has been set as inactive by a global administrator.
approve_claim Approve and Promote
resume_claim Resume and Promote
deny_claim Deny Claim
delete_claim Delete Record
pending_claim Mark Pending
mark_inactive Mark Inactive
no_claims_found No Claims Found!
claim_user User
claim_timestamp Claim Date
start_timestamp Start Date
end_timestamp End Date
never Never
view_claim View Claim
claim_questions Wiki Claim, Questions and Clarification
view_claim_bad_user_id The provided user does not exist.
wiki_claim_maximum_guardians The maximum number of wiki guardians has been reached on this wiki.
wiki_claim_already_guardian You are already a guardian of this wiki.
wiki_claim_below_threshhold_contributions We very much appreciate your enthusiasm for the project, but feel that at this moment in time we would really like to see some additional contribution history from you before accepting your application. The admin tools that are granted by this position are generally used very infrequently and do not confer any type of status or rank on the wiki, merely the ability to perform certain custodial tasks and we generally like to choose individuals who have demonstrated a continued interest in contributing to the project at all levels. Please come back once you have spent a little time working on this project. For immediate Admin needs, please use the [[Project:Admin_noticeboard|Admin Noticeboard]]. Thank you, Gamepedia Wiki Team
wiki_claim_user_blocked You are currently blocked from editing.
claim_denied Sorry, your claim to be a wiki guardian on this wiki has been denied. Please check your email for further information.
approved approved
denied denied
claim_legend_approved Approved
claim_legend_denied Denied
claim_legend_inactive Inactive
claim_legend_pending Pending
claim_legend_deleted Deleted
claim_legend_created Created
status_0 new
status_1 pending
status_2 approved
status_3 denied
status_4 inactive
status_5 deleted
claim_user_contributions View User Contributions
claim_log Wiki Claims Log
claim_log_row $6 - Claim $1 by $2 was changed to $3 - $4 $5
back_to_wiki_claims Back to [[Special:WikiClaims]]
no_log_entries_found No Wiki Claim log entries found.
reverb-pref-title-user-moderation-wiki-claim Wiki Claim Management
special-sidebar-user-moderation-wiki-claim Wiki Claim Management
reverb-pref-tooltip-user-moderation-wiki-claim Notify me when a new wiki claim is submitted, approved, or denied on a wiki claim.
reverb-pref-title-user-account-wiki-claim Wiki Claim Status Changed
special-sidebar-user-account-wiki-claim Wiki Claim Status Changed
reverb-pref-tooltip-user-account-wiki-claim Notify me when my wiki claim status is updated.
claimwiki-syncservices Jobs for ClaimWiki
claimwikiteamemail_sender Hydra Wiki Team
right-wiki_claims Review and approve/unapprove wiki claims
right-claim_wiki May [[Special:ClaimWiki|claim the wiki]] to become a wiki guardian
claim-email-user-moderation-wiki-claim-created $1 submitted a claim to administrate $2 at $3<br/>Please visit [$4 the wiki claims page] to approve or deny this claim.
claim-email-user-moderation-wiki-claim-warn-inactive Dear $1,<br/><br/> Your status as Wiki Guardian on $2 will be removed soon, as we’ve noticed your inactivity. Please visit the wiki and resume contributing to retain your status. If it has already been removed, contact a wiki administrator if you wish to restore your status.
short-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-created [$5 $1] {{GENDER:$1|submitted}} a new [$4 wiki claim] on $2.
short-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-pending A [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was set to pending by [$6 $3].
short-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-approved A [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was approved by [$6 $3].
short-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-denied A [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was denied by [$6 $3].
short-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-inactive A [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was set to inactive by [$6 $3].
short-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-resumed An inactive [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was reactivated by [$6 $3].
short-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-deleted A [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was deleted by [$6 $3].
short-header-user-account-wiki-claim-pending Your [$4 wiki claim] status for $2 was set to pending by [$6 $3]
short-header-user-account-wiki-claim-approved Your [$4 wiki claim] status for $2 was approved by [$6 $3]
short-header-user-account-wiki-claim-denied Your [$4 wiki claim] status for $2 was denied by [$6 $3]
short-header-user-account-wiki-claim-inactive Your [$4 wiki claim] status for $2 was set to inactive by [$6 $3]
short-header-user-account-wiki-claim-resumed Your inactive [$4 wiki claim] for $2 was reactivated by [$6 $3]
short-header-user-account-wiki-claim-deleted Your [$4 wiki claim] for $2 was deleted by [$6 $3]
long-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-created [$5 $1] {{GENDER:$1|submitted}} a new [$4 wiki claim] on $2.
long-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-pending A [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was set to pending by [$6 $3].
long-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-approved A [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was approved by [$6 $3].
long-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-denied A [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was denied by [$6 $3].
long-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-inactive A [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was set to inactive by [$6 $3].
long-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-resumed An inactive [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was reactivated by [$6 $3].
long-header-user-moderation-wiki-claim-deleted A [$4 wiki claim] for $2 by [$5 $1] was deleted by [$6 $3].
long-header-user-account-wiki-claim-pending Your [$4 wiki claim] status for $2 was set to pending by [$6 $3]
long-header-user-account-wiki-claim-approved Your [$4 wiki claim] status for $2 was approved by [$6 $3]
long-header-user-account-wiki-claim-denied Your [$4 wiki claim] status for $2 was denied by [$6 $3]
long-header-user-account-wiki-claim-inactive Your [$4 wiki claim] status for $2 was set to inactive by [$6 $3]
long-header-user-account-wiki-claim-resumed Your inactive [$4 wiki claim] for $2 was reactivated by [$6 $3]
long-header-user-account-wiki-claim-deleted Your [$4 wiki claim] for $2 was deleted by [$6 $3]
claim-email-user-account-pending-note Dear $1,<br/><br/> Thank you very much for your recent application to become the Wiki Guardian for this project. We very much appreciate your enthusiasm for the project, but feel that at this moment in time there is either not enough activity to warrant having an administrator for now, or that we would really like to see more of a contribution history from you before accepting your request. The admin tools that are granted by this position are generally used very infrequently and do not confer any type of status or rank on the wiki, merely the ability to perform certain custodial tasks and we generally like to choose individuals who have demonstrated a continued interest in contributing to the project at all levels.<br/><br/>For now, we have kept your application on file and would ask that you contact a Gamepedia staff member on their userpage or e-mail $4 after continuing to contribute to this project in the meantime. If you have need of an administrator in the meantime, please post on the [[$5|Admin Noticeboard]] and we will be happy to assist! <br/><br/>Thanks,<br/><br/> --$3<br/><br/>
claim-email-user-account-approved-note Dear $1,<br/><br/> We’re happy to say that your Claim-a-Wiki application has been accepted! After reviewing your responses, we are confident that you are going to be a welcome addition to this wiki and Gamepedia in general. We assume you’re pretty up to speed with the basics, but remember that you have now been granted the technical ability to perform certain special actions on this wiki. This includes the ability to block users from editing, protect pages from editing, delete pages, rename pages without restriction, and use certain other tools. You also have access to the [[Special:Analytics]] page with statistics about traffic to the wiki. We ask that you use these tools in the pursuit of excellence, and never for spiteful or personal reasons.<br/><br /> If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or any type of issue you’re not sure how to handle please feel free to contact the wiki team either via email at $4 or by leaving a message on a wiki administrator's talk page. Be sure to also check out the [ Administrators Guide].<br/><br/> If you are not already on it, we would also like to invite you to join us on the official Fandom and Gamepedia Discord. Discord is a messaging platform for teams, and joining our Discord is a great way for you, as an active editor, to keep in touch with our staff as well as other active editors and admins. You will need a Discord account. Here is the invitation link: []<br/><br/> Congratulations, and welcome! <br/><br/> --$3<br/><br/>
claim-email-user-account-denied-note Dear $1,<br/><br/> After reviewing your Claim-a-Wiki application, we must unfortunately decline your application. It’s nothing personal, but for one reason or another we felt that you were not eligible to be elevated to an administrator level on this project. The most common reason for a wiki claim denial is a lack of edit history. If you are still interested, you are welcome to apply again after waiting short while, and gaining more experience on-wiki. If you would like to contact us directly about your application, feel free to e-mail us at $4 or leave a message on a wiki administrator's talk page. <br/><br/>Thank you for your interest,<br/><br/> --$3<br/><br/>
claim-email-user-account-inactive-note Dear $1,<br/><br/> Your status as Wiki Guardian has been removed due to inactivity. Please contact a wiki administrator if you wish to reinstate your status. <br/><br/>Thanks,<br/><br/> --$3<br/><br/>
claim-email-user-account-resumed-note Dear $1,<br/><br/> Your status as a Wiki Guardian has been restored after its removal for inactivity. <br/><br/>Thanks,<br/><br/> --$3<br/><br/>
claim-email-user-account-deleted-note Dear $1,<br/><br/> Your Claim-a-Wiki application was deleted. If you are still interested, you are welcome to apply again. If you would like to contact us directly about your application, feel free to e-mail us at $4 or leave a message on a wiki administrator's talk page.<br/><br/>Thanks,<br/><br/> --$3<br/><br/>
Message English text
curseprofile Curse Profile
curseprofile_description A modular, multi-featured user profile system.
avataralt Avatar for $1
confirmfriend Confirm Friend Request
ignorefriend Ignore Friend Request
removefriend Remove Friend
managefriends Manage Friends
friends Friends
pendingrequests Pending Requests
sentrequests Sent Requests
senddirectrequest Send New Friend Request
sendrequest Send Request
exception-nologinreturn-text Please [{{fullurl:Special:UserLogin|returnto=$1}} log in] to be able to access this page or action.
friendrequestsend-prompt Confirm your friend request to $1
friendrequestconfirm-prompt Would you like to confirm the friend request from $1?
friendrequestignore-prompt Would you like to ignore the friend request from $1?
friendrequestremove-prompt Would you like to remove $1 from your friends?
friendrequestsend-error There was an error sending your request
friendrequestconfirm-error There was an error confirming the request
friendrequestignore-error There was an error ignoring request
friendrequestremove-error There was an error while trying to remove a friend
friendrequest-direct-success Your friend request has been sent
friendrequest-direct-notfound A user by that name could not be found
friendrequest-direct-unmerged This user cannot be added as a friend because they have not merged their Curse account
friendrequest-already-friends You are already friends, or already have an active friend request with this user.
friendrequest-blocked Your account is blocked.
friendrequest-blocked-other That user can not accept friend requests.
friendrequest-status-unavailable The friendship status is unavailable, try again later.
friendrequestsend Add Friend
friendrequestcancel Cancel Friend Request
ignorefriend-response Ignore
confirmfriend-response Confirm
removefriend-response Remove
alreadyfriends Friends!
friendrequestsent Request Sent
nofriends No friends on this wiki
soronery You have no friends :(
friendship-invalidaction An invalid action was attempted.
comment-invalidaction An invalid action was attempted.
comment-adminremoved This comment has been removed.
report-thanks Thanks for letting us know. The comment will be reviewed by moderator soon.
report-confirmdismiss Confirm Dismiss
report-confirmdelete Confirm Delete
report-actiontaken-del Deleted by $1
report-actiontaken-dis Dismissed by $1
cp-commentmoderated Moderated by $1
comment-invaliduser Could not find a user for the given id.
emptyactivity This user hasn't made any edits on this wiki yet
commentaction Post
cp-editprofile Edit Profile
profileprefselect User Page Type
commentprefselect Comment Page Type
userprofiletab Profile
aboutme About Me
aboutmehelp Wikitext is available for formatting.
profile-blocked Your account is blocked and you cannot edit your profile at this time.
favoritewiki Favorite Wiki
locationlabel Location
twitterlink Twitter
discordlink Discord
facebooklink Facebook
twitchlink Twitch
redditlink Reddit
steamlink Steam
vklink VK
xbllink Xbox Live
psnlink Playstation Network
viewearlierreplies Load $1 more {{PLURAL:$1|reply|replies}}
repliestooltip View replies or add one of your own
cp-commentedited edited
cp-commentposted posted
cp-nocommentreplies No replies were found
replylink-tooltip Reply to this comment
commenteditlink-tooltip Edit this comment
removelink-tooltip Remove this comment
restorelink-tooltip Undelete this comment
editfield-aboutme-tooltip Edit this user's 'about me' section
editfield-location-tooltip Edit this user's location
editfield-social-tooltip Edit social profiles.
empty-aboutme-text Your information about yourself is blank, click to edit.
empty-aboutme-text-mod This user has not filled out their about me section, click to edit.
empty-location-text Your location is blank, click to edit.
empty-location-text-mod This user has not filled out their location, click to edit.
empty-social-text You do not have any social profiles added, click to edit.
empty-social-text-mod This user has not filled out any social profiles, click to edit.
purgelink-tooltip Permanently erase this comment
reportlink-tooltip Report this comment
remove-prompt Are you sure that you wish to hide this comment by $1?
purgeaboutme-prompt Are you sure that you wish to wipe the 'about me' section of this profile?
purge-prompt Please provide a reason for permanently deleting this comment. [Note: reason required]
report-prompt Are you sure that you wish to report this comment by $1 for inappropriate content?
profilepref-profile Use the enhanced user profile page
profilepref-wiki Use the standard user wiki page
commentpref-profile Use the enhanced user profile comments
commentpref-wiki Use the standard user talk wiki page
prefs-public Public Profile
prefs-location Location
prefs-profiles Other Profiles
avatar Avatar
avatar-help Gamepedia uses Gravatar to display an avatar based on your email address. Visit [] to change your avatar. Please note that the avatar must be rated "G" or it will not appear.
commentplaceholder Leave a comment
commentreplyplaceholder Leave a reply
directfriendreqplaceholder Enter a username
aboutmeplaceholder Write something about yourself!
battlenetlinkplaceholder Name#1234
discordlinkplaceholder Name#1234
profilelink-help Please provide direct links to your profiles or the user name of your profile.
log-profile-aboutme about me section
log-profile-link-battlenet account
log-profile-link-discord Discord account
log-profile-link-facebook Facebook account
log-profile-link-google Google account
log-profile-link-psn PSN account
log-profile-link-reddit Reddit account
log-profile-link-steam Steam account
log-profile-link-twitch Twitch account
log-profile-link-twitter Twitter account
log-profile-link-vk VK account
log-profile-link-xbl XBOX Live account
log-profile-location location
wikisedited Wikis Edited
localrank {{SITENAME}} Rank<br>([[Special:WikiPoints|Leaderboard]])
globalrank Gamepedia Rank<br>([[Special:WikiPoints/global|Leaderboard]])
totalcontribs Contributions
totalcreations Creations
totaledits Edits
totaldeletes Deletes
totalpatrols Patrols
totalfriends Friends
totalfriends-mobile Friends
commentboard Comment Board
commentboard-empty There are no comments on this user's board.
commentboard-invalid-title Invalid Comment Link
commentboard-invalid Sorry, no comment exists for this link.
commentboard-purged-title Comment Permanently Deleted
commentboard-purged Sorry, this comment was deleted from our system by [$3 $2].

Reason: $1

commentboard-title Comment Board: $1
commentboard-link-backtoprofile Back to profile
commentboard-link-backtoboard Back to comment archive
commentboard-permalink-title Viewing comment from user board: $1
friendsboard-invalid Sorry, that user was not found.
friendsboard-title Friends of $1
cp-recentactivitysection Recent Wiki Activity
cp-recentcommentssection Recent Comments
commentarchivelink Comment Archive
cp-statisticssection Total Statistics
cp-friendssection Friends
cp-friendssection-all ([[Special:Friends/$1/$3|{{#ifeq: $1 | $2 | Manage Friends | View All }}]])
cp-achievementssection Achievements
cp-achievementssection-all ([[Special:Achievements/$1|View All]])
profileactivity-created Created
profileactivity-edited Edited
notification-link-text-view-friendship View friendship request
notification-link-text-view-comment View profile comment
short-header-user-interest-profile-friendship [$2 $1] is requesting [$3 to be your friend].
long-header-user-interest-profile-friendship [$2 $1] is requesting [$3 to be your friend].
short-header-user-interest-profile-comment [$4 $1] left a comment on your [$3 profile].
long-header-user-interest-profile-comment [$4 $1] left a comment on your [$3 profile].
short-header-user-interest-profile-comment-reply-self-self [$4 $1] replied to your comment on your [$5 profile].
long-header-user-interest-profile-comment-reply-self-self [$4 $1] replied to your comment on your [$5 profile].
short-header-user-interest-profile-comment-reply-self-other [$4 $1] replied to your comment on [$5 $2].
long-header-user-interest-profile-comment-reply-self-other [$4 $1] replied to your comment on [$5 $2].
short-header-user-interest-profile-comment-reply-other-self [$4 $1] replied to [$6 $3]'s comment on your [$5 profile].
long-header-user-interest-profile-comment-reply-other-self [$4 $1] replied to [$6 $3]'s comment on your [$5 profile].
short-header-user-moderation-profile-comment-report [$1 $2] reported [$3 a comment by $4]
long-header-user-moderation-profile-comment-report [$1 $2] reported [$3 a comment by $4]
notification-friendship-email-subject $1 has added you as a friend on Gamepedia!
notification-friendship-email-body $1 has added you as a friend on Gamepedia. You may manage your friend requests here: {{canonicalurl:{{#special:ManageFriends}}}}
notification-friendship-email-batch-body $1 and $2 {{PLURAL:$3|other|others}} have added you as a friend on Gamepedia. You may manage your friend requests here: {{canonicalurl:{{#special:ManageFriends}}}}
notification-comment-email-subject $1 has left a comment on your Gamepedia profile!
notification-comment-email-body $1 has left a comment on your profile on {{SITENAME}}. You can read and reply to them here: {{canonicalurl:{{#special:CommentPermalink}}/$3}}
notification-comment-email-batch-body $1 and $3 {{PLURAL:$4|other|others}} have left a comment on your profile on {{SITENAME}}. You can read and reply by viewing your profile: [[{{ns:UserProfile}}:$2]]
notification-comment-reply-email-subject $1 has replied to your comment on your Gamepedia profile!
notification-comment-reply-email-body $1 has replied to your comment on {{canonicalurl:{{ns:UserProfile}}:$2}} at {{SITENAME}}. You can read and reply to them here: {{canonicalurl:{{#special:CommentPermalink}}/$3}}
notification-comment-reply-email-batch-body $1 and $3 {{PLURAL:$4|other|others}} have replied to your comment on your profile on {{SITENAME}}. You can read and reply by viewing your profile: [[{{ns:UserProfile}}:$2]]
notification-comment-report-email-subject $1 reported a profile comment on {{SITENAME}}
notification-comment-report-email-body $1 has reported a comment on {{SITENAME}}. You can moderate the comment here: {{canonicalurl:{{#special:CommentModeration}}/$3}}
notification-comment-report-email-batch-body $1 and $3 {{PLURAL:$4|other|others}} reported a comment on {{SITENAME}}. You can moderate the comment here: {{canonicalurl:{{#special:CommentModeration}}/$5}}
gamepedia-email-footer-default Thanks,

Your friendly Gamepedia notification system $2 Control which emails you receive by changing your email preferences at: {{canonicalurl:{{#special:Preferences}}#mw-prefsection-echo}} $1

action-profile-moderate moderate user profiles
profile-aboutme Profile - About Me
profile-city Profile - City
profile-state Profile - State
profile-country Profile - Country
profile-link-facebook Facebook Link
profile-link-battlenet Link
profile-link-discord Discord Link
profile-link-google Google Link
profile-link-psn PSN Link
profile-link-reddit Reddit Link
profile-link-steam Steam Link
profile-link-twitch Twitch Link
profile-link-twitter Twitter Link
profile-link-vk VK Link
profile-link-xbl XBL Link
profile-favwiki Wiki Favorited
profile-pref Enhanced Profile
profile-battlenet-name Name
profile-discord-name Discord Name
comment-pref Enhanced Comments
has-friend Has one or more friend
has-friend-ten Has ten or more friends
friend-max Highest friends for any user
average-friends Average friend(s) per user
users-tallied Users Tallied
last_run_time Last Run Time
last_run_never Never
stat_stat Statistic
stat_count Count
achievementsearned Achievements
achievements-general {{SITENAME}}
achievements-special Special Achievements
commentmoderation Comment Moderation
commentmoderation-empty There are no comments in the moderation queue.
commentmoderation-title Curse Profile Comment Moderation
commentmoderation-item First reported $1 by $2:
commentmoderation-item-andothers First reported $1 by $2 and $3 others:
commentmoderation-delete Delete
commentmoderation-dismiss Dismiss
commentmoderation-view View
commentmoderation-byvolume By Volume of Reports
commentmoderation-byactiondate Moderation Log
cp-mobile-aboutme About Me
cp-mobile-groups Groups
curseprofile_log_name Profile log
curseprofile_log_description User profile changes, comments, and moderation.
logentry-curseprofile-comment comment
logentry-curseprofile-comment-created $1 left a $4 on $3's profile
logentry-curseprofile-comment-replied $1 replied to a $4 on $3's profile.
logentry-curseprofile-comment-edited $1 edited a $4 on $3's profile.
logentry-curseprofile-comment-deleted $1 deleted a $4 on $3's profile.
logentry-curseprofile-comment-purged $1 purged a $4 on $3's profile.
logentry-curseprofile-profile-edited $1 edited the $4 on $3's profile.
email-auth-required Email verification is required to edit this profile.
no-perm-profile-moderate You lack the necessary permissions to modify this user profile.
no-perm-profile-addcomment You do not have permission to add comments or reply. Please make sure you are $1.
no-perm-validate-email logged in, have validated your email address, and have performed at least one edit to an article
cp-master-only This special page is only available on the master wiki.
stat_id Stat ID
count Count
last_incremented Last Incremented
invalid_profile_field Invalid profile field.
cp-user-does-not-exist User account "$1" is not registered.
cp-enhanced-profile-unavailable The Enhanced Profile feature is not available.
cp-user-prefers-profile-user This user "$1" prefers to use the [[{{ns:UserProfile}}:$1|enhanced profile]].
cp-user-prefers-profile-talk This user "$1" prefers to use the [[{{ns:UserProfile}}:$1|enhanced profile]]. They may not respond to comments added here.
apihelp-comment-summary Allows commenting actions to be taken.
apihelp-profile-summary Allows basic profile data actions to be modified.
apihelp-friend-summary Allows friending actions to be taken.
right-profile-moderate Moderate user profiles
right-profile-purgecomments Purge comments on user profiles
right-profile-stats View profile statistics
grant-curseprofile Moderate user profiles and comments
prefs-reverb-user-moderation User Moderation
special-sidebar-user-interest-profile-comment Profile Comment
special-sidebar-user-moderation-profile-comment-report Reported Profile Comment
special-sidebar-user-interest-profile-friendship Profile Friendship Request
reverb-pref-title-user-interest-profile-comment Profile Comment
reverb-pref-title-user-interest-profile-friendship Profile Friendship Request
reverb-pref-title-user-moderation-profile-comment-report Profile Comment Reported
reverb-pref-tooltip-user-interest-profile-comment Someone left a comment on the viewing user's profile.
reverb-pref-tooltip-user-interest-profile-comment-reply-self-self Someone left a reply to a comment on a profile.
reverb-pref-tooltip-user-interest-profile-comment-reply-self-other Someone left a reply to a comment on a profile.
reverb-pref-tooltip-user-interest-profile-comment-reply-other-self Someone left a reply to a comment on a profile.
reverb-pref-tooltip-user-interest-profile-friendship Someone is requesting to be the viewing user's friend.
reverb-pref-tooltip-user-moderation-profile-comment-report A comment on someone's profile was reported.
curseProfile.css /* The custom CSS you want for your curse profiles goes here */
apihelp-friend-param-user_id The user upon which the action should be taken
apihelp-friend-param-do The friending action to be taken (send, confirm, ignore, remove)
apihelp-friend-param-name The username to be added as a friend
apihelp-friend-param-token The edit token for the requesting user
apihelp-comment-param-comment_id The the ID of a comment which is being acted upon. Required for remove actions.
apihelp-comment-param-reportKey The unique report key identifying an instance of a comment. "{sitemd5key}:{comment_id}:{edit_timestamp}"
apihelp-comment-param-byUser The user ID of the acting user. Defaults to the user currently logged in.
apihelp-comment-param-withAction One of "delete" or "dismiss".
apihelp-comment-param-user_id The user ID for a user on whose board a comment will be added.
apihelp-comment-param-text The content of the comment to be added
apihelp-comment-param-inReplyTo An OPTIONAL id of a comment that the new comment will reply to
apihelp-comment-param-title The headline to use when posting a new section to the user's talk page
apihelp-profile-param-user_id The user ID for a user.
apihelp-profile-param-do The action that should be performed
apihelp-profile-param-token The edit token for the current user, for write actions
Message English text
embedvideo_description Adds a parser function embedding video from popular sources.
error_embedvideo_missingparams EmbedVideo is missing a required parameter.
error_embedvideo_service EmbedVideo does not recognize the video service "$1".
error_embedvideo_id EmbedVideo received the bad id "$2" for the service "$1".
error_embedvideo_width EmbedVideo received the bad width parameter "$1".
error_embedvideo_height EmbedVideo received the bad height parameter "$1".
error_embedvideo_alignment EmbedVideo was given an illegal value for the alignment parameter "$1". Valid values are "left", "center", "right", or "inline".
error_embedvideo_valignment EmbedVideo was given an illegal value for the valignment parameter "$1". Valid values are "top", "middle", "bottom", or "baseline".
error_embedvideo_urlargs EmbedVideo received a list of URL arguments that contained malformed data or blank arguments.
error_embedvideo_unknown EmbedVideo encountered an unknown error while trying to generate this video embed block. ($1)
error_embedvideo_evp_deprecated The #evp parser function was deprecated in EmbedVideo 2.0. Please convert your parser function tag to #ev.
error_embedvideo_container The parameter provided for 'container' is invalid.
ev_video_short_desc $1, $2x$3
ev_audio_long_desc $1, $2 codec, length $3, $4 overall
ev_audio_short_desc $1
ev_video_long_desc $1, $2 codec, length $3, $4x$5 pixels, $6 overall
ev_video_short_desc $1, $2x$3
error_embedvideo_cantdecode_evu Couldn't parse video from $1
ev_default_play_desc Play video
apihelp-embedvideo-summary Get generated video embed code for given parameters.
apihelp-embedvideo-param-service Name of the service (youtube, twitch, ect)
apihelp-embedvideo-param-id The ID of the video for that service
apihelp-embedvideo-param-dimensions Either a numeric width (100) or width by height (100x100)
apihelp-embedvideo-param-alignment Alignment of video
apihelp-embedvideo-param-description Description of video
apihelp-embedvideo-param-container Accepts frame, or leave empty
apihelp-embedvideo-param-urlargs Additional arguments to pass in the video url (for some services)
apihelp-embedvideo-param-autoresize Auto resize video? (true or false)
Message English text
hydracore_description Core functionality for Hydra Wiki Platform extensions.
fox The Quick '''Brown Fox''' Jumps Over The ''Lazy Dog''
action-font_manager view custom fonts
action-font_upload upload or modify custom fonts
fontmanager Font Manager
add_this_selector Add this CSS selector style rule to the appropriate skin CSS file in the MediaWiki namespace:
use_this_style Use this style on a selector to apply the font face selector:
upload_font Upload Font
select_font_to_upload Select Font to Upload
font_uploaded Font uploaded successfully.
font_not_uploaded Font upload failed. Please verify that a valid font file was selected and that the file is not corrupted.
overwrite_existing Overwrite Existing
preferences-helppage gphelp:Preferences
upload-helppage gphelp:Managing_files
listgrouprights-helppage Help:Group rights
specialpages-helppage gphelp:Special_pages
import-helppage gphelp:Import
allmessages-helppage gphelp:System message
block-helppage gphelp:Blocking users
contributions-helppage gphelp:User contributions
diff-helppage gphelp:Diff
edittags-helppage gphelp:Tags
export-helppage gphelp:Export
linksearch-helppage gphelp:Linksearch
mergehistory-helppage gphelp:Merge history
movepage-helppage gphelp:Moving a page
newimages-helppage gphelp:New images
newpages-helppage gphelp:New pages
randomincategory-helppage gphelp:RandomInCategory
recentchanges-helppage gphelp:Recent changes
recentchangeslinked-helppage gphelp:Related changes
revisiondelete-helppage gphelp:RevisionDelete
undelete-helppage gphelp:Undelete
userrights-helppage gphelp:Assigning permissions
watchlist-helppage gphelp:Watching pages
whatlinkshere-helppage gphelp:What links here
namespace-14-helppage gphelp:Categories
allmessagestext This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace.

Please visit [ MediaWiki Localisation] and [] if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

group-global_bureaucrat Global Bureaucrats
group-global_bureaucrat-member {{GENDER:$1|global bureaucrat}}
grouppage-global_bureaucrat {{ns:project}}:Global Bureaucrats
group-global_sysop Global Administrators
group-global_sysop-member {{GENDER:$1|global administrator}}
grouppage-global_sysop {{ns:project}}:Global Administrators
group-global_bot Global Bots
group-global_bot-member {{GENDER:$1|global bot}}
grouppage-global_bot {{ns:project}}:Global Bots
group-hydra_admin Hydra Admins
group-hydra_admin-member {{GENDER:$1|hydra admin}}
grouppage-hydra_admin {{ns:project}}:Hydra Admins
group-hydra_staff Gamepedia Staff
group-hydra_staff-member {{GENDER:$1|gamepedia staff}}
grouppage-hydra_staff {{ns:project}}:Gamepedia Staff
group-wiki_manager Wiki Managers
group-wiki_manager-member {{GENDER:$1|wiki manager}}
grouppage-wiki_manager {{ns:project}}:Wiki Managers
group-ads_manager Advertisement Managers
group-ads_manager-member {{GENDER:$1|advertisement manager}}
grouppage-ads_manager {{ns:project}}:Advertisement Managers
group-promo_manager Promotion Managers
group-promo_manager-member {{GENDER:$1|promotion manager}}
grouppage-promo_manager {{ns:project}}:Promotion Managers
group-grasp GRASP
group-grasp-member {{GENDER:$1|Gamepedia Rapid Anti-Spam Patrol (GRASP)}}
grouppage-grasp {{ns:project}}:Gamepedia Rapid Anti-Spam Patrol
hydra-apihelp-do-links Possible values for do:


right-font_manager Access the [[Special:FontManager|font manager]]
right-font_upload Upload fonts for use in the [[Special:FontManager|font manager]]
pagination_pages Page $1 of $2
items_on_page $1-$2 of $3
bad-ad Report a bad ad
gamepedia-contact-url gphelp:How to contact Gamepedia
gamepedia-help Help Wiki
gamepedia-help-url gphelp:
gamepedia-support Gamepedia support
noticeboard Admin noticeboard
noticeboard-url Project:Admin noticeboard
api-parse-withads-desc Add advertisements to output.
api-parse-modified-hydracore Extended by HydraCore
Message English text
hydralytics ⧼hydralytics⧽
hydralytics_description ⧼hydralytics_description⧽
analytics_dashboard Wiki Analytics Admin Dashboard
hlfaqurl-text Policies, Procedures, and FAQ
hlfeedbackurl-text ⧼hlfeedbackurl-text⧽
hldiscordurl-text ⧼hldiscordurl-text⧽
analyticsdashboard ⧼analyticsdashboard⧽
analyticsdashboardusage ⧼analyticsdashboardusage⧽
error_analytics_title Error - Analytics Dashboard
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action-analytics access the Wiki Analytics
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number_of_visitors # of Visitors
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desktop_vs_mobile Desktop vs. Mobile Sessions
recent_changes Recent Changes
help_links Help
browser_breakdown Browser Sessions Breakdown
active_editors Active Editors
edits_per_day # of Edits per Day
logged_in_out Logged In vs. Out Edits
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analytics_report_generated Report generated $1, all data are aggregated according to UTC timezone
analytics_confidential Information on this page is shared as a courtesy for our administrators and should not be re-shared without permission.
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based_on_last_30 Data is based on the last 30 days
page Page
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date From date (and earlier):
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engaged_admins Admins Using Dashboard
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right-analytics Access wiki analytics
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Message English text
social_description Provides links to share wiki articles and link associated social profile accounts. Icons provided by Anton Drukarov.
sharing Share
recently_worked_on You recently worked on an article. Would like to share your work with your friends?
new_account_social Thank you creating an account! Would you like to share it with your friends?
never_again Never Again
no_thanks No Thanks
done Done
prefs-social Social
disable_social_prompts Disable social pop up prompts to share links with Facebook, Twitter, etcetera?
social_tag_error There was an error generating this social tag output. Please check the attributes and URL source.
apihelp-social-summary Handle social pop ups.
apihelp-social-extended-description Handle social pop ups by dismissing them.
apihelp-social-param-do Action to take on the provided spid and user. The user is retrieved from the session context.
apihelp-social-param-spid The social prompt ID from the database. This is usually provided by the calling AJAX script.
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