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Hey there. I'm '''Mike Filipiak''', otherwise known as '''Tagaziel''', and I'm a member of the Curse Wiki Team. My first love(s) are The Vault and the Wasteland Wiki, though I also administrate a number of other wikis on behalf of our overlords.
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!colspan="2"| Tagaziel
|[REDACTED], Germany
You see a creature slightly larger than a moderately tall human, resembling a feline. It is busy typing away at a computer desk, probably writing or debugging Byzantine style sheets. There's a name tag on the desk: Tagaziel. Its owner looks at you.
Leave me a message after the beep if you need me. Otherwise, drop me a line at either or Hit both addresses when in doubt.
The cat smiles. "Hello there. Hope you've been looking for the Wiki Team, 'cause that's where you are right now."
"I work on the wikis, making skins, writing content, sometimes promoting them to others, you know. ''Working.'' I also play games that I write about, though my biggest pleasure remains spilling their guts and rummaging among them." He makes a predatory grin.
"I work on a fair number of those. The Vault is one I've worked on the longest, way, way before I started working here. There's also others, like the one for ''Sunless Sea'', ''Deathtrap'', ''Wasteland'', and others."
"Possible. I'm a regular on [ Reddit] and an admin of the glorious [ NMA], though I'm by no means limited to just these places."
"Ciao. If you need me, drop me a line at either or" As you leave, you hear a string of Polish curses. Probably something went sideways with the CSS again.


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