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===Adding Pages to Your Watchlist===
[[Image:Add to Watchlist.jpg|thumb|Adding a page to your Watchlist Button - Method 1]]
[[Image:Watch this Page - Add Watchlist.jpg|thumb|Method 3]].
There are a multiple of ways to add pages to your Watchlist:
*1.)# Before you see anything interesting here, you have to actually add some pages to your watchlist. Do so by navigating to a page that interests you, and click the "{{int:watch}}" link available in a menu that opens when you hover the mouse cursor over the arrow to the left of the search box. Generally, these link appears as a '''Star''' icon.
*2.)# You can also add a page to your Watchlist by using the Keyboard Controls '''Alt & Shift & W.'''
*3.)# A page can be added to the Watchlist in the Edit window, on the Wikitext tab, by clicking on '''Watch this Page'' which is located under the Edit summary summary box.
:*The same button can be clicked also in the '''Preview''' tab and '''Changes''' tab.
===Removing Pages from your Watchlist===


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