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===Removing Pages from your Watchlist===
Pages can also be removed from your watchlist in the following ways:
*1.) Visit the page you are following, and click the "Watch/Star" Icon again to remove the page.
*2.) Through the keyboard commands, '''Alt-Ctrl-W"'''
*3.) On the page you are following, in the Edit box unclick the "Watch This Page" box.
*4.) On your Watchlist page, you can use any of the "[[Special:EditWatchlist|View and edit watchlist]]", "[[Special:EditWatchlist/raw|Edit raw Watchlist]]", "[[Special:EditWatchlist/clear|Clear Watchlist]] pages to Remove pages" from your Watchlist.
==Comparison to [[Special:RecentChanges|RecentChanges]]==
The watchlist feature is mainly useful on a very busy wiki where the "{{int:recentchanges}}" display becomes too overwhelming with many changes you don't want to follow. On a typical low traffic wiki, you can normally see all of the editing activity across the whole wiki without feeling overwhelmed. On a more busy wiki you will find that many edits are taking place on pages which you personally find less interesting. To help track changes which are more interesting, start watching pages!


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