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Hey there. I'm '''Mike Filipiak''', otherwise known as '''Tagaziel''', and I'm a member of the Curse Wiki Team. My first love(s) are The Vault and the Wasteland Wiki, though I also administrate a number of other wikis on behalf of our overlords.
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!colspan="2"| Tagaziel
| Gamepedia Manager
!Experience level
| Old Guard
|Kar Maraias, Free Territories, Crown World of Karis (actually Poland)
'''Tagaziel''' is a Polish wiki manager.
==What he does==
Leave me a message after the beep if you need me. Otherwise, drop me a line at either or Hit both addresses when in doubt.
Works on wikis. That includes: Creating skin and maintaining them, creating, maintaining, and expanding content, promotion, and so on and so forth. Gutting the games and poking through the files is his biggest pleasure, however. Sometimes you find fun content that was cut or leftover from development. I am not responsible for server maintenance or programming, but can pass any problems along to the relevant parties.
* You can contact Tagaziel through [[User talk:Tagaziel|his talk page]] or directly through [[Special:EmailUser|e-mail]].
* Alternatively, you can contact him directly on Discord. He's present on the official Fandom server and uses the tag Tagaziel#8836.


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