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'''FandomMobile''' is the new mobile web experience we are betarolling testingout startingto DecemberGamepedia 15th for English wikis and earlystarting January for non-English wikis. The test is opt-in only14th, device specific2021, andfollowing limited to logged-in users. You canan opt-in orbeta opt-outperiod atwhich anybegan timeDecember during the test by navigating to your user profile on your mobile device and toggling the new experience15th, off2020.
This beta test is the first step towards an overall unified experience between Fandom and Gamepedia wikis (previously known as “Phase 2” of the Unified Community Platform), leveraging successful elements of both site experiences for admins, editors, and readers. As with the platform overall, your feedback factors into our development process, so please be sure to share it.
It is important to note that FandomMobile is customized with a different file set than the legacy mobile web skin. Please contact your Wiki Manager for help with any customization issues you may encounter.
If your wiki has not yet received the FandomMobile experience and you would like to test it, you may visit your user profile on a mobile device and use the toggle at the bottom to opt-in. The same toggle can be used to opt-out on wikis which have not been enrolled in the new experience.
While these designs will see some nice enhancements for mobile contributors as well (a group which is growing quite a bit with the new availability of mobile editing on the UCP for Fandom wikis), the main benefits will come in forms of readability, accessibility, and performance for all mobile users. Desktop designs will take more time and you will have an opportunity to provide early feedback on them as well down the road.
FandomMobile make’smakes use of Gamepedia’s mobile web foundation, based on MediaWiki’s own mobile skin and MobileFrontend extension. By taking this approach, we gain benefits like…
* High amount of shared code with desktop experience
In building FandomMobile, we looked back to feedback we have heard over the years from both Fandom and Gamepedia users about the mobile web experiences, then iterated on design ideas with internal stakeholders from across the company, ultimately leading to what you get to test now. A recurring theme in feedback and conversations was the poor experience with how some elements transform when you move from desktop to mobile, particularly around images, infobox image cropping, gallery layouts, image captions, etc. These elements were presented in a manner which led to a bad experience for readers that could not be remedied by contributors, meaning it’s on Fandom to help fix that.
Let’s dive into some design mockups. Please note that these are not representative of the final implementation, were created in a design software with hilariously mismatched placeholder content, and were captured before the beta test in December went live.
==Light and Dark Mode on Mobile==

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