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Can u check it? please, I'm manager at 2Kill Gaming

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I have checked your revision so it is approved.

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This is a help wiki test comment!

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Great job on the Official Wiki app launches!

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You should update your profile description, huehue :P

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Hello, Benjamin. I was cleaning up on the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth wiki and I noticed on that your name comes up in the form of a wanted page titled gphelp:User:CrsBenjamin‏‎. Several other Curse accounts show up as wanted pages: Sigilbaram‏‎, Smokie‏‎, VaultAusir, Wynthyst‏‎, Xerozohar, and Z3ther‏‎. Finally there are two other anomalous wanted pages: Template:Gphelp::User:OOeyes‏‎ and gphelp: Note that they all say there is one link to each of them, but there doesn't actually exist anything on the wiki trying to link to them. Do you have any insight as to why they are there? Thanks a bunch.

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Looks like they've been cleaned up now, but my guess is that they're somewhere in our "default loadout" when we start new wikis but render as redlinks because they're interwiki.

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Hola, mi trivu de Ark survival envolved hemos sufrido un atroz suceso en nuestra casa, a las 3:10 am hora española en el server The-Eu-officialserver 185 se a derrumbado por completo nuestra casa delante de nuestras narices sin haber ningún ataque enemigo de por medio. Necesito ayuda y por supuesto una solucion por que son muchas horas de construcción perdidas por imagino un fallo del server. Muchas gracias espero respuesta.

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Hello. We just run the wiki here at Gamepedia. For help with in-game issues please contact -- Hola. Simplemente corremos el wiki aquí en Gamepedia. Para obtener ayuda con los problemas en el juego póngase en contacto con

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Muy buenos dias desde España, nosotros jugamos al ARK: Survival Evolved. derrrepente nos empezo a desaparecer la casa delante nuestra, toda la casa, entera de metal, y animales fuera de la tribu derrepente, no sabemos que a pasado pero ahora mismo estamos muy impotentes, no sabemos que a pasado a desapecido las dos casas que tenemos en servidor oficial 185. estoy preguntando por el chat del juego y nadie sabe nada, esto es el ark?? este juego que estoy subiendo a mi youtube y haciendo promocion de el???, quiero una explicacion por favor, llevo desde el primer dia de juego construyendo esa casa de metal, mas cuadras, mas segundas casas, mas animales etc... quiero saber si a sido un hack, fallo del juego o q????? por favor espero una respuesta lo mas breve posible ya que son muchas y muchas horas de juego tiradas a la basura, por favor prestarle la atencion que se merece a mi queja, gracias, y buenos dias!!

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Hello, Benjamin!<br> My name is Leon, and I am a sysop over at The Vault (the Fallout wiki). I am looking for ways to improve both our article-space and community-space content with Fallout 4 on the horizon, and I am hoping that you can either help me, or put me into touch with someone more specific. Here is what I am hoping to discuss:<br> 1) The Vault used to have a default poll template - however, it appears to have been disabled by Curse staff for some reason. I am looking to have it re-activated, or an alternative proposed, as having polls will be very useful for the Wiki News Digest that I plan on starting up again soon.<br> 2) A MediaWiki extension that I have always found to be quite useful, both in and out of the article-space, is the tabber extension. I am wondering if we can have that extension activated over at The Vault so that I may experiment with its capabilities.<br> 3) Back when I was still editing at Wikia, I was in high-favour of what I considered one of Wikia's very few useful updates in regards to the editing community. I am speaking of their mapping feature, which, in-short, is a much simpler image-mapping tool that even the most green of editors can use with ease. I had written a blog over its use, which also links to the actual tool:<br>

  • This is the most useful of what I am asking for. With world map locations being one of the defining reasons why wikis for RPGs exist, having a highly efficient map customization tool would do wonders for our wiki with the imminent release of Fallout 4. Not to mention we will finally have a way to effectively list where unnamed locations can be found.<br>

Thank you for your time! Hope to hear back from you soon.

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Maybe it is just the way this particular medium of contact works, but all that is showing up from my end is "Hello, Benjamin!" - If the rest of the message does not register on your end, just let me know.

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Yeah, I'm not seeing more than that. We were having an issue with line breaks last week, this may be related...

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There we go: sorry about that. :)

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So! I went ahead and turned on AjaxPoll ( and Tabber. For the image mapping tool, take a look at SpriteSheet (, which is one that our team developed and then released to the public. I've not really used it myself, but after reading your blog post it seems quite similar in usage. If you think it will work, I'm glad to turn it on. Also, might you be available via Skype/e-mail (btarsa-curse and respectively)? We're working on something related to The Vault and I wanted to get you involved (or at least some thoughts).

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Well, that is embarrassing - Tag told me to add you on Skype, but I was not aware that you two are one in the same. ;)

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Hi, I need help trying to play Ark, I have tried everything I can think of e.g."verify integrity of game cache" and yet it still does not work. All I want to do is play on a server. When I click connect on a server, I wait until it loads, but then the screen goes black and sends me straight back to the main menu of Ark.

Thanks for the help.

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Hi there. We just run the wiki. You'll need to contact their support team for help with issues such as this:

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Hi dude, I have a issue with the Mainpage of the gamepedia of Binding Of Isaac Rebirth. I don't know if you are the person who care that type of issues but I have the Magic Sentence "404 not found" when i try to go to the mainpage. Can you please watch this issues or (if you don't manage this) redirect me to someone who can fix it ?

Lovelove You are doing great job in this wiki Bye

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Sorry for the long delay, I've been totally out of touch while traveling. Main page seems to be fine. Occasionally some regions will have issues due to CloudFlare outages. Let me know if you're still having troubles.

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Hello, This is the user BrokenStitch in Triad Wars. This is Broken Stitch the stagename. This is brokenstitch from Google, YouTube, PSN (I'm Punkedom on that too), and so many other sites. Who is BrokenStitch on here? How do I find BrokenStitch on here? Are they active? If they're not can I please have their account removed and can I have the user name back?

I don't mind that someone else has my name so much, but I'd prefer to use it if I'm to use this site. Odds are I wont be very active on it if I can't. This name has been attached to me for over 15 years and was trade name at one point. I use to even have a website under it and so on.

I tried to reset the password for the username threw Curse as well to no avail. They don't have records of any of my previous email addresses nor current email address.

The biggest issue I have here is that every single game character I have is named BrokenStitch, or Stitch if it wont let me type that many characters. Most of the gaming community that knows me, knows me as BrokenStitch.

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Hey there. Unfortunately we're not usually able to delete/re-name other accounts and in this case it looks like the account was registered relatively recently. :-/

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Why did the monkey cross the road?

Because he was chasing da banana.

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I would like to add an image to my profile but i don't know how to do that could you please tel me how.

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Gamepedia uses Gravatar to display an avatar based on your email address. Visit [] to change your avatar.

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