Gamepedia Help Wiki

The quickest way to find information in Gamepedia Help Wiki is to use the Search function. Near the top-right of every page there is a search box.

Enter your search terms and press Enter or click the magnifying glass. If a page exists matching the title you entered, you will be taken directly to that page.

Otherwise, the search page displays, listing any articles whose titles or content partially matched your search terms — or a message that no matches were found.

To force the search listing page to display (prohibiting the search bar from jumping directly to a matching page), click the magnifying glass icon without entering any terms. The search page displays, and you can enter terms there to see a listing of pages whose titles or content matched, either exactly or partially.

Restricting the search[]

If you click the “Search” button without filling in anything, you will be taken to Special:Search which gives you extra searching options (also available from any search results list).

You may find it useful to restrict a search to pages within a particular namespace (e.g., only search within the User pages). To do so, click on "Advanced" and either use the "All" or "None" buttons at the top, or check the individual namespaces you require for this search. To preserve the choice of namespaces to search, also click the checkbox labelled "Remember selection for future searches" at the bottom of the namespace selection section.


  • Pages are listed by popularity, rather than relevance to the search term.
  • Autocomplete is disabled when using the search page, though the browser may still provide search history.
  • The namespace is ignored when searching.
  • Typing a "#" in the search bar breaks it.
  • Text that shouldn't be in search descriptions, such as message boxes and hatnotes, appears anyway, and there is no known way to remove them.