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At Gamepedia, we try to accommodate all our users which includes native and non-native English speakers. If we have sufficient interest in having a wiki translated, we can create other language versions of wikis. In general, for this to happen there must be demonstrated interest which can most easily be shown by translating the main page (and any sub-pages of the main page) to the target language. Also translating other high-traffic pages will help make the case more solid.

Bear in mind that we do not have a team of translators. All translations are done by interested community members.


  1. Talk to your wiki manager and express your desire to have a new, non-English wiki created. This person is usually identified as the Gamepedia staff member or contact on the Community portal located on the left sidebar on every wiki. If your wiki manager or Gamepedia contact is not listed there, you can contact Game widow or MisterWoodhouse and make sure to indicate which wiki you wish to translate.
  2. Demonstrate your willingness to put in the hard work associated with translating a wiki by translating the main page (and any sub-pages of the main page) to the desired language, following the translation guidelines.
  3. Assemble a team of like-minded wiki enthusiasts: translating a wiki is much easier if you have a team. Doing this alone is a lot of work. You can look up fellow users on the Discord where many people have added a language identifier role to their profiles.

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