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Prof hydra Extension requests & reviews are currently on hold, due to ongoing work on the Unified Content Platform and bridging Fandom and Gamepedia MediaWiki architecture.

Enabling approved extensions is unaffected.

Looking to add an extension to your Gamepedia wiki? Please follow the steps below:

  1. See if Gamepedia currently allows the extension by viewing the extensions page.
  2. If it is listed on the page and isn't a forbidden extension: Go to the section Extensions approved on Gamepedia.
  3. If it isn't listed on the page: Go to the section extensions not yet approved on Gamepedia.
  4. If it isn't on either list, contact a Gamepedia staff member and ask, if the extension can be added in the future. Mind the FAQ.

Extensions approved on Gamepedia[]

Reach out to the Wiki Manager for your wiki to request the extension. In your message to the manager, be sure to include the name of the extension and the wiki on which you'd like it installed. You can contact the manager via one of the following ways:

If you cannot reach the Wiki Manager in any of these ways, feel free to email to reach our community team.

Coordinate with the manager and the wiki's admin team. Sometimes, new extensions can have an impact on a wiki's existing configuration. It's recommended to work with the wiki's administrators to ensure the extension doesn't cause a negative impact. The manager and/or admin team may have a suggestion on an alternative route to take.

For extensions which create additional namespaces, like Gadgets, Scribunto, Widgets, and others, please wait until after the extension has been installed before trying to create documents in these namespaces.

Extensions not yet approved on Gamepedia[]

  • Find a site that discusses the extension and copy the link. The MediaWiki Extensions category is a good place to look.
  • Add the extension to the list below.
  • Create a new section on the talk page with the following information:
    • Extension name and link
    • Your username
    • Wiki the extension is requested on
    • Description of your use case(s)
  • Any other users that would also like to use the extension on their wiki should add a new comment with their information to the talk page.

Extension approval guidelines[]

Every new external extension added to Hydra creates a new set of external dependencies and potentially the need for Hydra to take over development of a third party extension. To prevent being wholly dependent on a third party, we have a strict set of approval guidelines for new extensions.

  • Extensions should be applicable to more than one wiki. Sometimes we will approve an extension for a single wiki, but there must be a very compelling reason to do so.
  • If the extension replicates an existing extension's functionality, it either needs to fully replace that extension or have that new functionality rolled into the old extension.
  • Code standards for extensions must be followed. That means the extension should be using extension registration loading, follow MediaWiki coding standards, and be soundly designed.

Requested extensions pending review[]

Reviewed extension requests[]

These requests were reviewed (Q2 2019). They will be added to the extensions article once completed and removed from this list after the Q3 2019 review.




  • DiscordNotifications (GitLab ticket) - The code is not suitable for our platform, but we like the functionality. This is something we'd like to investigate doing ourselves in the future.
  • FixedHeaderTable (GitLab ticket) - We like the idea of the functionality and will implement something similar ourselves.
  • GlobalUsage - Requires too much development work to get it working on our platform that we can't invest at this time. We can revisit it in the future, if there's a strong case for it.
  • Kartographer (GitLab ticket) - We'd rather develop an easier to use tool ourselves for mapping.
  • PortableInfobox - Not at this time. Requires more discussion on the future of integrated platforms and features.
  • StructuredDiscussions - Not at this time. Requires more discussion on the future of integrated platforms and features.
  • UrlGetParameters - Requires disabling the parser cache which will not be done for use of an extension.
  • Wikibase - Not at this time. Requires more discussion on the future of integrated platforms and features.
  • Quiz - No, we are developing/adding in our own system soon.
  • TemplateStyles - Not at this time.
  • GlobalCssJs - Not at this time.


How long will the extension take to be added?[]

Extensions on the approved list can be enabled by wiki managers and become active in less than a day.

Requested extensions that are pending review take longer. Reviews were originally planned on a quarterly basis, and the timeline typically depended on the complexity and status of the extension. Wiki managers are the best point of contact for questions regarding extensions.

Next review of requests: Currently on hold due to work on the Unified Content Platform (UCP). Pending requests will still be reviewed, but new requests are no longer being accepted for Gamepedia.

Am I guaranteed to have a new extension approved ?[]

Every new extension is vetted by the Gamepedia team. Although we make every effort to help our editors and provide them with the tools they need, extensions sometimes pose security, licensing, and/or compatibility problems that cannot be satisfactorily resolved. In this case, the extension is rejected, although we are often able to suggest alternative solutions that perform just as well.