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Prof hydra.svg We are no longer accepting requests for new wikis on Gamepedia, other than different language versions of existing wikis. New wikis should now be created on Fandom.

Are you a passionate game fan?

If you can't find a wiki about your favorite game and are passionate about creating a great resource for other fans and players of the game, you can use the Suggest a wiki form.

Are you a game developer?

If you are developing a game and would like a wiki, please see our Wiki Connect program.

Minimum requirements for creating a great wiki

  • All wikis need a logo. The default size for a wiki logo is 160x160px, although other sizing options are possible, you should consider that the logo for your wiki should not exceed 200px in height. Anything taller than 200px begins to push down the actual content and wastes precious screen real-estate. Similarly, excessively wide logos should be avoided as they may be more unreadable when scaled to fit on the wiki or in the wiki avatar.
    • Given the dimensional restrictions, you should make sure that any words on your logo are legible at that size.
  • All wikis can benefit from a background image, but one is not strictly necessary. A solid background color can also be quite effective. If you choose to go with an overall background image, you should consider the following:
    • Whether or not the article (text) area will be semi-transparent or opaque. If you want the article area to be semi- or fully-transparent, then the image you choose should be relatively simple and not overly busy.
    • Whether or not the image scales well. Abstract images scale much more easily. Different users will have different monitors which vary considerably in resolution. A well designed wiki should be able to present a well-formatted layout on any screen resolution.
    • It is always possible to scale down an image, but it can be problematic scaling images up in size, so if your chosen background consists of a single large image, a larger background image is always better (i.e., at least 1920x1080px or larger).
      • There is also a trade-off between larger images and large file sizes: background images take time to load, so keeping the size of the file to a minimum makes your wiki faster.
    • If your chosen background is a repeating tile, consider how this pattern will look at different resolutions. Some patterns look very good at lower resolutions and become very distracting at higher resolutions.
  • Would your wiki look better with a dark background and light text, or a light background with dark text?
  • What colors would work best for your chosen game? Most wikis work with around three different colors for the base scheme: one color for the article area background, one color for the text (this tends to be black or white, or very slight variations on that theme) and a final "accent" color which works for links and box or table borders.

Basic content developers should send to us!

This mostly goes to developers who are requesting a wiki

  • A short introduction text about the development team or studio.
  • Information about the publisher.
  • Most importantly: Information about the game! What kind of genre is it? What can people expect? This will go into the "About" section on the main page and the infobox on the main article for the game, so it should be short, interesting and can have some links (this creates pages on the wiki).
  • Keywords - so we can create the first wiki pages.
  • Release date/keep us informed, in case a release will change.
  • A short overview about how the game will be played! Basic controls are enough for a new wiki page.
  • Screenshots, Game art, Concept art - We don't need much, but for the new wiki, it would be brilliant to get some quality images. This could go into Template:Featured images, and can represent your game a lot better!
  • Logo. The default size for a wiki logo is 160x160px, although other sizing options are possible, you should consider that the logo for your wiki should not exceed 200px in height. The logo is always consisting of GAMENAME and the word WIKI. Both should be readable.
  • If you have it - send us your Press Kit.


  • Please, only send us material you really want to have released. Once the wiki is spun up, it is live and everyone can access it!
  • Sometimes things don't work out as intended... please keep us informed, should a game project end!