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Recent changes is a special page that lists recent changes in reverse order, with creation date and time, change in the page size, user who created the page, and edit summary. It also provides links to patrol these new edits when that feature is enabled.

This feature is accessible at Special:RecentChanges and is usually also linked on the sidebar menu to the left of the article section on all wiki pages. The page results are adjustable using settings the Preferences section "Recent changes".

Entries are grouped by date, and depending on user preferences, can be further grouped into collapsed sections by page. A typical single entry is shown below:

11:22 	Page name‎ (diff | hist) . . (+591)‎ . . Username (talk | contribs | block | points) (→‎Text of the edit summary, if supplied) 
element description
11:22 This is the time stamp of the change. The format and display are governed by user preferences.
Page name This is a link to the page which was changed.
diff This is a link to a special page which displays the previous version of the page beside the most recent version to highlight the specific differences. (Example)
hist This is a link to the page history of the page which was altered. (Example)
+591 This number can be positive (usually displayed in green) or negative (usually displayed in red) and shows the number of bytes added or removed. The number zero does not necessarily indicate that nothing changed. It would simply indicate that the number of bytes added was equal to the number of bytes removed.
Username This is a link to the user page of the individual who made the change. If the change was made by an anonymous user, it would show the IP address of the individual instead of a user name.
talk This is a link to the talk page of the individual who made the change.
contribs This is a link to the special page listing other contributions by the same user or IP address.
block This link is only available to to users who have the right to block other users.
points This link only appears to users who have the right to manage wiki points for other users. It is unique to Gamepedia wikis and links to a special page created for the purpose of managing wiki points.
edit summary This is the text supplied by the user in the "Summary" field below the editing space. While that text is limited to 255 characters in length, a shorter version may be displayed in the recent changes view. It is considered a good practice to supply an edit summary.

Adding a Recent Changes section to the main page

Prof hydra.svg With the new authorization system in place since March 2017, the method below automatically logs out anyone visiting the Gamepedia page on which it is transcluded. A solution is being researched, but has not yet been found. In the interim, using the RSS feed is the suggested workaround.

This special page can be transcluded, with the first unnamed parameter specifying how many entries should be displayed.


Additional parameters may be used in a comma separated list such as:

parameter value type description
days integer Maximum number of days to display
limit integer Maximum number of entries to display
hidebots Show/Hide bots
hideminor Show/Hide minor edits. Minor edits are changes which were saved with the "This is a minor edit" box checked.
hideliu Show/Hide registered users
hidepatrolled Show/Hide pages which have been patrolled.
hideanons Show/Hide anonymous users
hidemyself Show/Hide the logged in user's own changes
hidecategorization Show/Hide changes to categories

Recent changes as an RSS feed

First, add the URL to MediaWiki:Rss Whitelist, then insert the following line on the desired page section:

<rss max=5 - M-d-y"></rss>


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