Gamepedia Help Wiki

This page looks to be a "One-Stop Shop" for users to find various policies, procedures, and answers to commonly asked questions.

General information[]

Page Summary
Ad layout Information about Gamepedia's ad layout
Gamepedia PRO for editors Information about Gamepedia PRO comps for editors
Editor of the Month Information about our Editor of the Month program
GRASP Information about the Gamepedia Rapid Anti-Spam Patrol group
Guide to creating and editing achievements How to edit/delete/create achievements
Importing and exporting wiki pages How to use the Import/Export functions
Mega Achievement image customization How to customize "Master of" achievement images
Troubleshooting How to troubleshoot issues before reporting to Gamepedia
User groups and permissions How to assign user rights
Wiki guidelines Information about how to create guidelines on an individual wiki
WikiPoints Information about the WikiPoints system


Page Summary
Analytics Dashboard Policies and information about the Analytics Dashboard
Crypto policy Policy regarding trading/exchange of cryptocurrency on Gamepedia
Disabling anonymous editing on a wiki Policy and procedure for the disabling on anonymous editing
Discord Policies and information about the Gamepedia Discord team
Hydra Commons Policies and procedures about Hydra Commons and image repositories
Interwiki linking policy Policy about interwiki links on Gamepedia
RevisionDelete Policy about usage of RevisionDelete functionality
Social media policies Policies for community-run social media accounts related to Gamepedia
Wiki design rules Policy and rules governing changes to the wiki skin/layout
Wiki claims Policies and information about the Wiki Claims system


Page Summary
Closing an account Information about closing your account
Namespaces Procedures for adding/removing namespaces
Rename account How to request an account rename
Reporting bad advertisements How to properly report bad ads
Reporting issues on Gamepedia How to properly report a bug or issue
Requesting extensions Information about our policies on extensions and how to request new ones
Requesting wiki promotion How to request social promotion for your wiki
Requests for developer contacts or assets Procedures and policies for requesting assets or contact with a developer
Translation guidelines Procedure for starting a new language variant for a wiki
Twitch ID merge How to merge your Gamepedia and Twitch accounts
User groups and permissions Procedures for requesting new user groups or changes to permissions
Using custom fonts on a wiki Procedure for requesting/using fonts on Gamepedia wikis
Wiki maintenance scripts Procedure for requesting and info about maintenance scripts