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Patrolled edits is a feature that allows specific users to mark items in recent changes as having been "patrolled" or "approved".

By default, patrolling is only available to wiki guardians and administrators.

This feature is useful when reviewing recent changes for undesirable edits, like spam and vandalism. This allows people (with the necessary permissions) to coordinate their patrolling activity, such that edits get checked over once, with less wasted effort (different people checking the same edit).

Any members of user groups with the autopatrol user right will have their edits automatically marked as patrolled. See Special:UserGroupRights for a list of all groups with this right.

Marking edits as patrolled[]

To mark an edit as patrolled:

  1. Access Special:RecentChanges.
    • Unpatrolled changes will be indicated with a red exclamation mark (!).
    • If using the new, JS-based interface, you may additionally assign a highlight color to unpatrolled changes.
  2. Click the diff link next to an edit.
  3. To mark the edit as patrolled, click the Mark as patrolled link.

Hiding patrolled edits from recent changes[]

Patrolled edits can be hidden from recent changes by clicking the "Hide patrolled edits" link in recent changes options. If you use the new JS interface, check the "Unpatrolled" filter.

Customizing the marker[]

The formatting of the unpatrolled edit marker can be altered using CSS. The exclamation mark displayed on the recent changes log is styled using the span.unpatrolled class.

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