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Gamepedia will be upgraded to MediaWiki version 1.33 on Tuesday December 10th 2019 starting at 1pm CST (UTC -6). We will have rolling read-only time as we upgrade each wiki, which will take an hour per wiki at most. Starting on Monday December 2nd 2019 we will begin the actor table migration in the background. This should have no impact to users, though due to the database load may cause page saves to take a bit longer. Doing these migrations prior to the upgrade will enable us to greatly reduce the read-only time needed during the upgrade.

MediaWiki release notes

For a full listing of the new features, bug fixes, and other information about MediaWiki version 1.33, please see the documentation on MediaWiki. MediaWiki version 1.32 is an intermediate version included in this upgrade.

Important changes

  • Visiting Special:BotPasswords now requires reauthentication.
  • Special:RecentChanges uses a new JavaScript interface. To use the older interface, go to Recent Changes preferences and enable the Use non-JavaScript interface option, which is a global preference.
  • The styling on Special:Preferences has been updated to use the newer styling standard. Wikis may need to update their CSS.
  • Categories can now be hidden from Special:UnusedCategories by adding the new behavioural flag __EXPECTUNUSEDCATEGORY__ on the category's page.
  • The blocks feature is gaining a new feature, "partial blocks", where IPs and accounts can be restricted from editing particular pages or namespaces.
  • ElasticSearch is being upgraded to version 6.5.4.


Why upgrade to 1.33?

Gamepedia is committed to bringing our communities the best wiki experience possible, both as editors and readers of wikis. This upgrade allows us to do many things such as access new features in the MediaWiki core, provide updates to popular extensions, as well as to continually protect the security of our site and users. It is our expectation that the update will go smoothly and each wiki will be up and running after a short period of time of read-only mode. We thank you for your patience during this disruptive update period.

I found an issue with x, how do I report it?

Gather as much information as possible and report it on the talk page. For those with a GitLab account and willing to do so, a ticket can be created under the appropriate project.

Why isn't search working on my wiki?

During the MediaWiki upgrade, we'll also be upgrading our search engine to Elasticsearch 6. This will require re-indexing every wiki after the MediaWiki upgrade, which will cause search issues until the process completes.