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Gamepedia will be upgrading to MediaWiki version 1.29 on Tuesday, August 8th 2017. This upgrade will begin at 10am CDT (3pm UTC) and the deployment is estimated to take 1 hour. Users may see intermittent problems during the process, such as broken search functionality.

MediaWiki release notes

For a full listing of the new features, bug fixes, and other information about MediaWiki version 1.29, please see the documentation on MediaWiki.

Gamepedia-specific release notes

New features

  • MediaWiki - Upgraded to version 1.29.0 from 1.27.3. Release notes for these MediaWiki versions are available here: 1.28  •  1.29
  • Extensions - Installed all available updates for extensions other than specific ones listed here.
  • Semantic MediaWiki - Upgraded to version 2.5.3.
  • Page Forms - Semantic Forms is now Page Forms and can be used independently of Semantic MediaWiki. Also works with Cargo.
  • Elasticsearch - Upgraded to version 5.
  • New gallery modes - mode={traditional|nolines|packed|packed-hover|packed-overlay|slideshow} See advanced images for more information.


  • Removed extensions - Contributors, CustomNavBlocks, EventLogging, ExternalData, FollowButton, LCStoreRedis, LeLogger, OpenGraphMeta, PageInCat, Patroller, RandomImageByCategory, RandomInCategory, RandomRootPage, SearchLogger, SemanticFormsInputs (See: Page Forms), SemanticMaps (See: Maps), TitleKey, UserSigProtection, WinFilenameFix
    • Note: None of these extensions were currently in active use, are obsolete, or replaced with other extensions.

Also included in this upgrade are many minor tweaks and bug fixes to various systems on Gamepedia.


Why upgrade to 1.29?

Gamepedia is committed to bringing our communities the best wiki experience possible, both as editors and readers of wikis. This upgrade allows us to do many things such as access new features in the MediaWiki core, provide updates to popular extensions like Semantic MediaWiki, as well as to continually protect the security of our site and users. It is our expectation that the update will go smoothly and the wikis to be up and running within a few hours of the start of maintenance. We thank you for your patience during this disruptive update period.

I found an issue with x, how do I report it?

Gather as much information as possible and report it here.

Why does the wiki look broken/weird in mobile view?

This upgrade includes changes in the styling and selectors used in the MediaWiki:Mobile.css. We will be updating the mobile CSS on each wiki as soon as possible, but feel free to reach out to your wiki's manager if you encounter problems or have questions. Wiki managers can be identified in the Community portal, linked in the sidebar of your wiki.

Why isn't search working on my wiki?

During the MediaWiki upgrade, we'll also be upgrading our search engine to Elasticsearch 5. This will require taking the search functionality offline. This will be a rolling upgrade and wikis will be brought on to the new search engines throughout the day. There will be a 24 hour window where search could be unavailable on any given wiki. If search still isn't working by Wednesday (Aug 9) at 12pm CDT (5pm UTC), please report the issue to us using the Gamepedia zendesk.

Extension version grid

Extension Version
Admin Minder 1
Category Skins 1.1
CheckUser 2.4
Claim Wiki 2
Cloudflare 1
Contribution Scores 1.25.0 (66cf8c8) 20:12, 27 February 2016
Curse Profile 1.5
Delete Batch 1.5.0
Echo – (a3fd1af) 16:11, 26 April 2017
Esports Data 1
Flagged Revisions
Global Block 0.0.1
HydraAuth 3
Hydralytics 2.1
Interwiki 3.1 20160307
Nuke 1.3.0
PanicButton 0.75
PvX Code 1
PvX Rate
PvX Vote
Redis Cache 1
Replace Text 1.2
Site Globals 2
Spoilers 1.4
Subscription 0.1.0
TemplateSandbox 1.1.0
Translate MLEB 2017.04
User Account Migration 1.2
WebChat 1.3.0
Parser hooks
AJAX Poll 1.88.0 20140330
Babel 1.10.0
Cargo 1.3.1 (eecbf9a) 16:37, 2 July 2017
Character Escapes 1.0.0-hydra
Cheevos 1
Comments 4.2.1
CSS 3.3.0, 2014-03-31 (dfa2306) 17:17, 25 February 2016
Curse Twitter 1.3
DefaultLinks 1.2.1
DPLforum 3.5.0
DynamicPageList3 3.1.1
EmbedVideo 2.7.0
GuildWikiSkills 1
Header Tabs 1.3
InputBox 0.3.0
Javascript Slideshow 1.2.3
LabeledSectionTransclusion – (435b995) 14:27, 5 March 2016
Loops 1.0.0-hydra
MagicNoCache 1.3.1 (0f2b268) 23:18, 11 February 2016
Math 3.0.0
ModelViewer 1.1
MsUpload 12.0-hydra
MTGSCards 2
MyVariables 3.3.1
NoTitle 1.0.0
ParserFunctions 1.6.0
ParserPower 1.0.1
PDFEmbed 2.0.1
RandomImage 1.5.0-hydra
RandomSelection 2.1.7
RegexFunctions 1.5.0
RSS Pie 2
SimpleSort 1.0.0
Slide Box Light Show 1.2
Social 1.2
Streamer 0.4.1
SubPageList 1.5.0
SyntaxHighlight 2
Tabber 2.4
Top Contributors 1
UsingData 1.2.8
Variables 2.1.0
Widgets 1.2.2
WikiHiero 1.1 (c71431d) 23:42, 20 April 2017
YouTube 1.9.0
Media handlers
SoundManager2Button 0.3.5
Spam prevention
Abuse Filter
ConfirmEdit 1.5.0
TitleBlacklist 1.5.0
TorBlock 1.1.0
WikiLink 1.0.0
DataValues 1
DataValues Common 0.3.1
DataValues Interfaces 0.2.2
DataValues Validators 0.1.2
All Sites 1.3
Approved Revs 0.7.3
BoilerRoom 1.3
CacheBreaker 1
Category Intersection 1.0.0
CirrusSearch 0.2
CLDR 4.4.0
Clean Changes 42852
CollapsibleVector 0.1.10
Crusher 0.0.1
Drafts 1.0.0-hydra
Elastica (e2a9593) 16:24, 21 April 2017
ExcludeRandom 1
GlobalWatchlist 1
HeaderCount 1.0.2
HydraCore 3
ImageSizeInfoFunctions 1.1.1
LocalisationUpdate 1.4.0
MobileFrontend 2.0.0
OreDict 3.0.0
ParserHooks 1.5.0
SmoothGallery parser extension 1.2.0 (0228c6b) 20:56, 9 October 2016
SpriteSheet 1.1.5
Sync Service 2
Thanks 1.2.0
Tilesheets 4.0.1
TippingOver 0.63
UniversalLanguageSelector 42852
Validator 2.2.1
VisualEditor 0.1.0
WikiEditor 0.5.1

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