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Gamepedia will be updating to MediaWiki version 1.23 on Wednesday, September 10th 2014. This upgrade will begin at 8am CDT and is expected to take about 4 hours. During this time, all Gamepedia wikis will be in full maintenance mode, meaning they will be unable to be accessed during this time. We will be posting updates on our Twitter page, so please check there to stay up-to-date as the maintenance happens.

Why Upgrade to 1.23?

Gamepedia is committed to bringing our communities the best wiki experience possible, both as editors and readers of wikis. This upgrade allows us to do many things such as access new features in the MediaWiki core, provide updates to popular extensions like Semantic MediaWiki, as well as to continually protect the security of our site and users. It is our expectation that the update will go smoothly and the wikis to be up and running within a few hours of the start of maintenance. We thank you for your patience during this disruptive update period.

MediaWiki Patch Notes

For a full listing of the new features, bug fixes, and other information about MediaWiki Version 1.23, please see mw:Release notes/1.23#MediaWiki 1.23.3.

Gamepedia-Specific Patch Notes

  • New Features
    • Extensions - Installed all available updates for extensions other than specific ones listed here.
    • HydraSkin - Merged in Vector upgrades and improvements from MediaWiki 1.23.x.
    • MediaWiki - Upgraded to version 1.23.3 from 1.21.11. Patch notes for MediaWiki are available on the release notes page.
    • SemanticMediaWiki - Upgraded to version 1.9.2.
    • SlideBoxLightShow - Various improvements such as easier to see arrows, arrows on slide show, disable pop up, add links to images, and updated Lightbox JavaScript.
    • WikiPoints - Retotal user points functionality added to Special:WikiPointsAdmin.
    • ParserHooks - New extension.
  • Changes
    • Extensions - Deleted ExpandTemplates, Patroller, PdfExport, UnifiedResources, and Vector (Note: None of these extensions were currently in active use and are not compatible with 1.23)
    • Extensions - Renamed GoogleDocViewer -> GoogleDocTag, Validator -> SemanticBundle(File name: SemanticBundleSettings)

Also included in this update are many minor tweaks and bug fixes to various systems on Gamepedia.