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Tickets can be submitted as GitLab issues by visiting and clicking on New issue. A GitLab account is required for creating issues.

Issue fields

  • Title: This should be a short, clear, and concise summary of the issue. Vague summaries make it difficult to search or pick tickets from the backlog, so be specific here.
    • Template: Selecting a type of issue from this dropdown inserts a templated description to fill in.
  • Description: This is the more detailed description of the problem. Include pertinent details like error messages, screenshots, current versus expected behavior, and so on. Markdown and quick actions are supported.
    • Server environment: Production (usually, but could also be "Staging").
    • Wiki/URL: The URL should include the protocol, like https://.
    • Detailed reproduction steps: It is critical for bug reports to include this. Even if it is not easily reproducible, it is necessary for us to know what steps were taken and in what order.
    • Potential solution: If a potential solution is known, include it here.
    • Attachment: Click Attach a file at the bottom of the Description box to include attachments.
  • Confidential: Check this box for any issues including personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Ignore all fields below these.

Best practices

  • When submitting tickets, make the focus of the ticket explaining the problem. Potential solutions can be proposed but indicate them as such. The team can often times come up with easier ways to resolve the core issue if they understand it properly.
  • Be sure to include enough information in the description. Issues that are not actionable or are lacking adequate details will be closed.

Extension vetting

Extension vetting requests should follow the instructions.

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