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Welcome to the Gamepedia Help Wiki! The following help section is created and edited by wiki users, just like the rest of the wikis.


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Experienced with games, but new to wikis?

  • A wiki is designed to allow every user to edit its content. If you see something you think could be improved about the wiki, improve it! Just click the "edit" tab at the top of most pages to edit their contents. You may have to sign up and/or log in before you'll see the "edit" tab - but it's free and takes under a minute to do so.
  • Don't be afraid to edit. Part of the wiki system is an integrated version tracking system, so there's never a fear of losing something. If you make a mistake, you or someone else can easily fix it - so take the initiative and make a change if you think it's useful. (Tip: when editing, you can also use the "Preview" button to check how the page will look before you save it!)
  • If you need a basic guide to the formatting syntax used for editing pages, take a look at the editing help page, or go to the help contents page to find more detailed information.
  • If you want to experiment with wiki code someplace other than an actual article page, you can use your own Gamepedia Help Wiki:Sandbox, or the shared sandbox page.
  • Once you feel comfortable with Wiki syntax, feel free to start adding your game knowledge to the many articles.

Experienced with wikis, but new to games?

  • The wiki is designed to be a reference for all things related to the game it covers. Feel free to create articles on topics as you encounter them, and of course to use the wiki as a helpful guide to your gaming experience.
  • If you've worked with MediaWikis before, then all of the standard formatting will be familiar.

New to everything?

Prof hydra.svg Using our searchbox
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  • If you're looking to find information, the best place to start is either browsing from the Main Page, or using the search box at the top of the page.
  • If you don't find what you're looking for, remember that the wiki is made up of articles contributed by its users - it might just be that no one has written about that topic yet! So create one!
  • If you want to contribute (perhaps you found a topic that didn't have any info when you were looking for it, and now you know more about it), go for it! The Mediawiki editing help page has the basics of how to use wiki formatting, and you can edit any page just by clicking the "edit" link at the top (you'll need to be logged in to see edit links, but creating an account is free and easy!). If you want to create a new page, just type the name in the search box on the left and click Go - if it doesn't exist, you'll be given the option to edit it as new.
  • Enjoy the Game!

Most common Gamepedia topics

  • Characters
This mostly will concern role-playing-games, but also of course others. Write a biography about your favourite characters! A very useful thing, for articles about characters, is to build an infobox, which contains all useful (and also trivia) information about the character described. To do this, you need knowledge about templates, please ask an admin, if you need help.
You can see two examples here:
They of course look differently, because of Skin customization, which is done with Cascading Style Sheets for every Wiki. For more information, please read our articles in our Advanced Help section.
  • Classes
Probably also mostly concerns rpgs, but you might find classes also in other games! See a good example of a class and its skills on our Teso Wiki - please, note, it is not always possible to create this in such a detailed way.
  • Races
Maybe this mostly concerns rpgs, but you might find races also in other games.
  • Factions
See an example for races and factions on our The Elder Scrolls Online Wiki.
  • Enemies or Monsters
It's like with characters - also the evil guys deserve their biography and infobox! Witcher Wiki
  • Locations or Maps
This probably also will mostly concern rpgs, but also other games. If you have many locations in your game, a navigation box like on our Skyrim Wiki can be very useful. Please, scroll down to see the working navbox on this page here: Skyrim - Whiterun.
  • Skills
See classes.
  • Weapons
For a lot of games an essential thing! Write about your favourite weapons! Look here for examples in our Weapons in Skyrim Category. Example for an article about weapons - including an infobox. Works also with your favourite firearms...
  • Story
    • Quests
      Some will hate it some will love it - spoilers. In case a game is rather new, you might like to use one of our spoiler templates, so the experience is not blown for everyone. But like it or not, wikis are usually one big spoiler, and concerning quests, try to write the best strategy guide possible!
      • Lore
  • Strategy
Found a great way to beat the boss of your favourite game? Let other players know about it in YOUR strategy guide or walkthrough!
  • Gameplay
  • DLC
  • Mods
Many games (if you are already a die-hard gamer, you'll know!) to-day come with mods, created by other players. Some mod-creators just change the textures of their favourite game, but some do far more and come with their own locations, characters, story and etc!
Visit Curseforge to discover more!

Feel free to add more to this list!

What we expect

Actually, you are quite free. But we want to encourage you, to maintain a standard for grammar and punctuation in your contributions! Please write your articles in a way, which you'd also expect from other authors. So, just opening an article and to write "I like that character so much!" is simply considered not enough. Think of it, as if you'd write an entry for an encyclopaedia. Leave your personal exclamations of joy for places like our Gamepedia Forums and share your excitement for a game with other players!

  • If you are creating a new page and suddenly realise, woops, I just can write one line and that's it, please add our {{stub}} template. Please remove this template, if you think the article is complete, so other users don't get confused.
  • Everything is easier, when pages are in the right Category.
  • You found spam, vandalism or someone is harassing you? Please contact one of our managers! See further information here in our section about Dealing with trolls and vandals.
  • If an article has become obsolete - either modernise it or add our {{delete}} template.
  • When you are uploading images, make sure, that copyright information is in place. You should find everything you need under Category:Copyright templates.
  • Be creative! Nothing is more boring than Wikis, which look all the same. (We know this has some restrictions...)

Other help

If you need help with something related to the administration of the wiki, contact a sysop.