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This page is a source for answers to frequently asked questions, mostly those that don't require their own full page for explanation. Please also visit the Policies, procedures, and FAQ (One-Stop Shop) page for additional general resources.

How do I request an extension for my wiki?

See if Gamepedia currently allows the extension by viewing the extensions page on the Help wiki.

1. If it is listed on the page and isn't a forbidden extension: Move on to step 2.

  • If it isn't listed on the page: Find a site that discusses the extension and grab the link. The MediaWiki Extensions category is a good place to look.

2. Reach out to the wiki's Gamepedia Wiki Manager to request the extension. You can contact the manager via one of the following ways:

In your message to the manager, be sure to include the name of the extension. If it wasn't listed on the Extensions page, be sure to include the link so it can be reviewed. If you cannot reach the Wiki Manager in any of these ways, feel free to email to reach our community team.

3. Coordinate with the manager and the wiki's admin team. Sometimes, new extensions can have an impact on a wiki's existing configuration. It's recommended to work with the wiki's administrators to ensure the extension doesn't cause a negative impact. The manager and/or admin team may have a suggestion on an alternative route to take.

How long will the extension take to be added?

This varies greatly depending upon the type of extension, how it will impact a wiki's existing configuration, and more. With extensions on the optional approved list it can take less than one day. Extensions not on the list can take longer since our platform team has to vet it for security and compatibility concerns. Your wiki manager will be able to give you a better estimate once you've reached out about the extension you're interested in. As an expectation, new extensions often take several weeks to be vetted.

Am I guaranteed to have a new extension approved?

Each new extension will undergo a vetting process by the Hydra platform team. If the extension appears problematic for security or compatibility reasons, sometimes our teams can suggest alternatives that will serve a similar purpose. We typically make every effort to help our editors find a solution for the situation at hand but cannot guarantee extensions will be approved.

How do I claim a wiki?

See also: Wiki claims

First, check to see if the wiki has already been claimed. This can be done by verifying whether or not the "Claim this Wiki" button is on the sidebar to the left of the content area on the wiki.

  • If the button is there, click it and your claim will be processed.
  • If the button is not there, the wiki has already been claimed. However, the current guardian may have become inactive. If this is the case, contact the Wiki manager (listed on the Community portal (or some cases, on the Admin noticeboard) directly and explain the situation.

How can I request that VisualEditor be disabled on my wiki?

VisualEditor is not able to be disabled on a per-wiki basis.

The "Favorite Wiki" on a Profile page or Wiki Avatar on is missing or outdated, what should I do?

Both of these images are drawn from the same place on If the image is missing or outdated, contact the Wiki Manager of that wiki.

I'm having a problem with one of the wiki mobile apps.

The wiki mobile apps have been sunset and are no longer actively supported nor available for new users to download. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our recommendation is to resume using the mobile web version of the wiki.

How do I get access to analytics for the wiki I'm an administrator on?

See also: Analytics Dashboard

The analytics for each wiki can be accessed by the special analytics page, provided that you are an administrator or wiki guardian of such wiki. A link to the analytics dashboard can be found in the "Other special pages" section of Special:SpecialPages.

I'm seeing labels like <action-edit> where buttons/labels are supposed on the wiki.

Contact the Wiki Manager and let them know of the issue. They can recache the wiki which should correct the language strings.

I'm seeing this message on a UserProfile page, "A global user by that name was not found."

Contact the Wiki Manager and provide a link to the user profile.