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This page is now being kept for historical information only, due to the merge with Fandom's Volunteer Spam Task Force and the introduction of the combined Spam Obliteration and Prevention team.

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Members of the Gamepedia Rapid Anti-Spam Patrol (GRASP) are seasoned Gamepedia users with previous administrative experience and who have demonstrated good judgment. They help patrol wikis for spam and vandalism. The task force reports to MisterWoodhouse and Game widow and is managed day-to-day by Mr Pie 5.

What does GRASP do?

  • Assist existing wiki admins in removing spam and vandalism from wikis across the platform.
  • Handle spammers and vandals according to their offenses.

Who does GRASP consist of?

GRASP is made up of volunteers who meet the following criteria:

  • Are active on Gamepedia.
  • Have an established track record of responsible editing and administration.
  • Have been an admin on at least one Gamepedia wiki.

Rules and requirements

  • Don't get involved in wiki administration.
    • Only handle spam and obvious vandalism.
  • If you aren't sure, don't touch it and bring it up to local admins/Gamepedia staff.
  • Please consult with the wiki manager before creating or editing abuse filters for a particular wiki.
  • For particular spam making the rounds, bring it up to the Gamepedia team in the private Discord channel so the global abuse filters can be tweaked.
  • When making edits to remove spam/vandalism, include a link in the edit summary that points to this Help Wiki page. This helps users to understand what GRASP is.
  • See Blocking users for an explanation on guidelines for blocking users.

Basic rights

For a full list of rights, please see Gamepedia Help Wiki:Gamepedia Rapid Anti-Spam Patrol.

Report to GRASP

If you found spam pages or your wiki experiences a spam or vandalism wave, you can contact the GRASP team using one of the following ways. The spam pages will then be deleted and your wiki will be monitored by GRASP more frequently.

Current list of GRASP members

Asassin 1 Russian talk  •  contribs
DSquirrelGM English talk  •  contribs
Frisk Polish talk  •  contribs
Jesto95 German talk  •  contribs
Madminecrafter12 English talk  •  contribs
Magiczocker German talk  •  contribs
Malvodion (honorary) talk  •  contribs
MarkusRost German talk  •  contribs
Mr Pie 5 English talk  •  contribs
Xbony2 English talk  •  contribs