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Gamepedia PRO is a program through which active editors are rewarded with our premium service as thanks for their contributions to wiki projects on Gamepedia. Gamepedia PRO removes all ads from the wikis, as well as granting a special badge to users on their profile, recent changes, and other locations.

Earning PRO

Gamepedia PRO is automatically given to any user who has shown themselves to be an active editor in a given calendar month, as measured by wikipoints. Grants of PRO are given during the first week of each month for active editors in the previous month. For instance, on Tuesday 2018-05-01, PRO would be given to all active editors for the period of 2018-04-01 to 2018-04-30.

When an editor earns PRO, their grant is set to last for three months and they are notified via e-mail. Editors earning PRO in successive months will have their expiration date overwritten each time. For instance, an active editor in the month of January would be given PRO lasting from February until the end of April. If they were also then active in February, their expiration date would become the end of May.

Questions about PRO

Any questions about Gamepedia PRO and our active editor program should be directed to HeyTots either on-wiki or via Discord.