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[[pl:Gamepedia Help Wiki:Użytkownicy]]
[[pl:Gamepedia Help Wiki:Użytkownicy]]
[[zh:Gamepedia Help Wiki:用户]]

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Users are people who have created accounts on Gamepedia.

Basic user rights

  • Add and remove arbitrary tags on individual revisions and log entries (changetags)
  • Allowed to use web chat (webchat)
  • Apply tags along with one's changes (applychangetags)
  • Bypass automatic blocks of tor exit nodes (torunblocked)
  • Can view results in AJAX-based polls (ajaxpoll-view-results)
  • Can vote in AJAX-based polls (ajaxpoll-vote)
  • Create discussion pages (createtalk)
  • Create new semantic classes (createclass)
  • Create pages (which are not discussion pages) (createpage)
  • Edit pages (edit)
  • Geocode (geocode)
  • Mark edits as minor (minoredit)
  • Move category pages (move-categorypages)
  • Move files (movefile)
  • Move pages (move)
  • Move pages with their subpages (move-subpages)
  • Move root user pages (move-rootuserpages)
  • Override files on the shared media repository locally (reupload-shared)
  • Overwrite existing files (reupload)
  • Purge the site cache for a page without confirmation (purge)
  • Read pages (read)
  • Send email to other users (sendemail)
  • Upload files (upload)
  • Use of the write API (writeapi)
  • claim_wiki (claim_wiki)

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