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The following pages will give you guidance about the style and content of Gamepedia's articles, and tell you about the Gamepedia network and important Gamepedia policies and conventions. This is a basic tutorial, not an extensive manual or interactive learning environment. If you want more details about any information in the tutorial, there are links to other resource pages throughout the tutorial. To read them as you go along, you can open them in a separate browser, window, or tab.

As a new contributor, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer size and scope of the Gamepedia network. Don't worry too much if you don't understand everything at first, as it is acceptable to use common sense as you go about editing. You may also choose to focus on one particular game's project. Wikis on the Gamepedia network not only allow you to create, revise, and edit video game articles, but they want you to do bold! You just need to remember that you can't break Gamepedia wikis and although there are many protocols, perfection is not required, as Gamepedia wikis are a work in progress. Collaborative editing means that incomplete or poorly written first drafts can evolve over time into excellent articles.

The goal of a Gamepedia article is to create a comprehensive and neutrally written summary of a video game topic. Since Gamepedia is open to editing by anyone, we require that information be verifiable in reliable sources, preferably in-game. Ideally, all information should be actually cited to reliable sources to evidence it is verifiable. However, don't hesitate to add accurate information even without a citation. When adding content and creating new articles an encyclopedic style with a formal tone is important. Instead of essay-like, argumentative, or opinionated writing, Gamepedia articles should have a straightforward, just-the-facts style.

Gamepedia does not employ hard-and-fast rules, however, policies, guidelines, and formatting norms are developed by the community to describe the best practices, to clarify principles, resolve conflicts, and otherwise further each wiki's goals. General social norms should be followed by all editors. The Gamepedia network is made up of people from different countries and cultures, with different views, perspectives, opinions, and backgrounds, sometimes varying widely. Editors should treat each other respectfully, work together collegiately, and avoid behavior that would be widely seen as unacceptable, disruptive, tendentious, or dishonest.

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