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[[Category:User groups]]
[[Category:User groups]]
[[pl:Project:Hydra Admins]]
[[ru:Project:Администраторы Hydra]]
[[ru:Project:Администраторы Hydra]]

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Hydra Admins are Gamepedia staff who have access to the master wiki.

Basic rights

  • achievement_admin (achievement_admin)
  • analytics (analytics)
  • award_achievements (award_achievements)
  • delete_achievements (delete_achievements)
  • edit_achievements (edit_achievements)
  • edit_meta_achievements (edit_meta_achievements)
  • points_comp_reports (points_comp_reports)
  • restore_achievements (restore_achievements)
  • wiki_points_admin (wiki_points_admin)
  • wpa_adjust_points (wpa_adjust_points)