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September 19th, 2017 is Gamepedia's 5th Anniversary.

History of Gamepedia

Fun Facts

  • Since its creation, Gamepedia has served more than 10 BILLION pageviews!
  • In an average month, Gamepedia receives visits from every country in the world, including far flung places like Fiji, The Maldives, and even North Korea!
  • Gamepedia’s team is global, with members in the US, Canada, Germany, Poland, and Argentina!
  • Gamepedia was originally created to host 18 wikis, which were merged over the course of the first year. With more than 1,600 wikis today, it has grown by over 9000%!
    • Among our over 1,600 wikis are over 500 Official Wikis!
  • The platform that powers Gamepedia is called Hydra because it has many heads, each head representing a wiki!

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