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Happy hydra

September 19th, 2017 is Gamepedia's 5th anniversary.

Users who sign into any wiki on the platform between September 19th, 2017 and September 26th, 2017 will receive a very special achievement.

History of Gamepedia[]

Gamepedia was started on September 19th, 2012.

The platform was originally created to host 18 wikis, which were merged over the course of the first year.

With more than 1.700 wikis today, it has grown by over 9000%! That's an average of almost one new wiki per day.

Fun facts[]

  • Since its creation, Gamepedia has served more than 10 BILLION pageviews!
  • In an average month, Gamepedia receives visits from every country in the world, including far flung places like Fiji, The Maldives, and even North Korea!
  • Gamepedia's team is global, with members in the US, Canada, Germany, Poland, and Argentina!
  • Among our over 1.700 wikis, over 500 of them are official wikis!
  • The platform that powers Gamepedia is called Hydra because it has many heads, each head representing a wiki!

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