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Calling Multiple Templates with same parameters?


I'm trying to create a workaround while we transition some templates, so that a few of our DPL lists will still display data from affected pages.

Basically, what I'm working with is as follows:

{{#dpl: debug=1
|notcategory=Candidates for Deletion
|notcategory=Formatting Issues
|notcategory=Needs Balance
|notcategory=Wording Issues
|notcategory=Salient Ability
|include={Deity}:align:port:favweap,{3.5e Deity}:align:port:favweap
|format=,¦- class="²{Odd-Even¦²{var:odd}²}²"\n¦ [[%PAGE%¦²{#replace:%PAGE%¦(3.5e Deity)¦}²]],\n,

What I'm trying to achieve is related to the |Include Parameter. I need to be able to pull both templates, "Deity" and "3.5e Deity", and have their contents placed into the table in the same cells. They include the same parameters, and when using only one template, the table works flawlessly. The above example, however, pulls both templates information, but places the latter's in different cells stretching off the end of the established table.

Is there a way to use both templates? 16:01, 30 July 2015 (UTC)