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WikiPoints tabulates and awards points for wiki editors based on the size and breadth of their contributions. A single edit could earn a different amount of points from wiki to wiki and from day to day depending on how much editing activity has happened over the past week. Point rewards drop as editing activity spikes, and rewards go up as editing activity dries up.

Special Pages

WikiPoints adds two special pages to a wiki:

  • Special:WikiPoints is available to everyone and displays the top editors from the current wiki (made obsolete by the parser function below).
  • Special:WikiPointsAdmin is available only to users in the sysop group and provides point moderation functionality. The initial page shows points earned from recent edits. A user can be looked up by user name, and points can be revoked per edit if they are found to be abusing the system.

Points Parser Function

A single parser function allows you to display the points earned by a specific editor, or the top X editors from any wiki on the gamepedia platform. Up to two arguments may be specified:

  • (optional) A number of top users to list, or the identifier User:xxx, where xxx is the Curse user name of an editor. Defaults to 25
  • (optional) A comma separated list of partial wiki domain names (tld and gamepedia removed), or 'all'. Defaults to the current wiki

Note that hydra maintains the collected point totals across all the wikis in the system, so "current wiki" and "all" are the same here.


Default: {{#Points:}} (displays the top 25 editors for the current wiki)

Rank User Score
1 Game widow (talk | contribs) 29229
2 Pcj (talk | contribs) 17855
3 Alianin (talk | contribs) 15045
4 Nivmizzetreborn (talk | contribs) 10364
5 Xbony2 (talk | contribs) 10194
6 RheingoldRiver (talk | contribs) 9691
7 BaRaN6161TURK (talk | contribs) 7802
8 Madminecrafter12 (talk | contribs) 7799
9 AttemptToCallNil (talk | contribs) 7039
10 ExE Boss (talk | contribs) 6773
11 MarkusRost (talk | contribs) 5417
12 Frisk (talk | contribs) 5208
13 Mr Pie 5 (talk | contribs) 5109
14 Mistastinky (talk | contribs) 4917
15 SBEyes (talk | contribs) 4896
16 Kittymmeow (talk | contribs) 4850
17 Nanomat (talk | contribs) 4702
18 DSquirrelGM (talk | contribs) 4503
19 CrsBenjamin (talk | contribs) 4489
20 Encredechine (talk | contribs) 4330
21 Fadyblok240 (talk | contribs) 4081
22 Smokie (talk | contribs) 4046
23 Donnerkiesel (talk | contribs) 4010
24 Sonicwave (talk | contribs) 3952
25 Magiczocker (talk | contribs) 3934

Top 10: {{#Points: 10}}

Rank User Score
No results found.

Top 10 across Gamepedia: {{#Points: 10 | all}}

Rank User Score
No results found.

Top 10 across league, dota2, wowpedia, and french wowpedia: {{#Points: 10 | lol,dota2,wowpedia,fr.wowpedia}}

Rank User Score
No results found.

Single user, current wiki: {{#Points: User:Cathadan}}

Rank User Score
1 Cathadan (talk | contribs) 262

Single user across Gamepedia: {{#Points: User:Cathadan | all}}

Rank User Score
1 Cathadan (talk | contribs) 262