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Header text describing the boilerplate may be placed here, as well as any other wikicode. It will appear when directly viewing boilerplates and when transcluding them like [[templates]]. <boilerplate> Text here is simply ignored and will not appear. This line is where the boilerplate text begins. <boilerplate> Since only the first opening and last closing tags are considered, boilerplate tags inside the boilerplate text are treated as plain text and will be included as part of the boilerplate without modification. </boilerplate> <includeonly> and similar tags are also treated as plain text within the boilerplate tags and will be included in boilerplate text without modification, so it even works well for providing a boilerplate (or multiple) for [[templates]]. </includeonly> This line is where the boilerplate text ends. Whereas this text is simply ignored.</boilerplate> You can place any footer text here you wish, and this is a good spot for any [[categories]] you want to include the boilerplate article itself in. That can be done in the header as well.