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The AllSites extension provides information about all Gamepedia wikis through an API call or special page.

API documentation


Get stats and information about sites hosted on the wiki farm. There are several ways to control the amount of data returned.

  • Use lastModified to constrain the data by date.
  • Use siteKey to constrain the data to a specific wiki.
  • Use filter to control the data points returned. This can be combined with lastModified or siteKey.

All Sites query to perform. This defaults to getSiteStats if no do param is provided.

This is a placeholder for API expansion. There are no additional options at the time of this writing.


Only return wikis modified after the date and time specified (unix timestamp).


Only return data for the specified site. This is the key provided for each wiki as md5_key in the data for each wiki.


Filter data points using a special syntax to represent array structure. Specify array keys separated by commas (,) and pipes (|) to indicate the array level.

For example, filter=totals,wikis|ss_total_wikis,wiki_name,wiki_domain,wiki_category,wiki_tags would return data in this structure:

  • data
    • totals
      • ss_total_wikis: total number of wikis in the farm
    • wikis
      • an array containing one object for each wiki returned, each with the following properties:
        • wiki_name
        • wiki_domain
        • wiki_category
        • wiki_tags

Maximum number of values is 50 (500 for bots).

Available statistics

  • wiki_name - Proper cased wiki name. Note: Not available on non-Hydra wikis.
  • wiki_domain - Live domain name of the site. Local development domain names will never be shown.
  • wiki_category - Note: Not available on non-Hydra wikis.
  • portal_master - If this wiki is a portal site to other wikis. Note: Not available on non-Hydra wikis.
  • portal_wiki - If this wiki is part of a portal wiki site. Note: Not available on non-Hydra wikis.
  • ss_total_views - Total page views.
  • ss_total_edits - Total historical edits.
  • ss_good_articles - Number of articles, not including images, templates, or otherwise.
  • ss_total_pages - All pages including images, templates, and otherwise.
  • ss_users - Total number of users.
  • ss_active_users - Total active users.
  • ss_admins - Number of admins.
  • ss_images - Total images.
  • ss_jobs - Note: Only available on non-Hydra wikis.

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