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Editor of the Month is a program on Gamepedia designed with the intent of publicly recognizing the top editors across our wiki platform. Wikis are almost entirely driven by the passion and devotion of you, the community, and we're always looking for ways we can show our appreciation for all your hard work. This page also covers the Editor of the Year award.


Each month, we will invite the entire community to submit nominations for the Editor of the Month. These nominations will be preserved from month to month, so if you nominate an editor (or yourself) once, they will continue to be considered each time we choose a new Editor of the Month. Each month the winner will be chosen by the Gamepedia team sometime around the middle of the month and announced a little later on after we've had a chance to contact the winner. Each winner will receive an engraved trophy and box of goodies as a token of our appreciation. Winners were also interviewed, if willing, although interviews were discontinued between June 2016 and April 2018, and then again after September 2018.

How to nominate

Nominating someone is easy! Just fill out this form and we'll consider that person for the Editor of the Month. You may self-nominate if you feel you are deserving of the award and self-nominating will not affect your chances of being chosen. Please do try to fill out the nomination form as completely as possible though, as it will greatly assist us as we make our selections.

Past winners

Month User Notable accomplishments Interview
2020-03 BryghtShadow For being a constant source of mentorship on Discord and for their continued work on the Mobius Final Fantasy and Alchemist Code wikis
2020-03 Esports Lw94akaTim For his incredible help with quality control and data management on the League of Legends esports wiki!
2020-02 GroundedAura For their work on Temtem and Happy Birthdays wikis
2020-02 Esports GlaewethXD For quickly jumping into editing and taking charge of the CIS region this year
2020-01 Baran6161_turk Single-handedly translated the Help wiki to Turkish
2020-01 Esports ThatCoolTacoGuy For his outstanding coverage of the NA League of Legends scene, especially collegiate play
2019-12 Korraroyal In recognition of their work on the Mystery Dungeon wiki and time in Discord
2019-12 Esports Moonboy65 For doing a fantastic job working on tagging and categorizing our game info images
2019-11 GS877 For always being there to help users and answer questions on Discord
2019-11 Esports Epamynondas For joining Leaguepedia and diving in to do a really significant and extremely helpful contribution to Chinese roster changes
2019-10 Htwretched Their awesome work making graphic shots of enemies on Zelda
2019-10 Esports Jibril Dedicated work on the League of Legends wiki
2019-09 Tobi 406 Continued excellence on the German Minecraft wiki and helping other editors on Discord
2019-09 Esports Ragaga Spectacular work on the League of Legends wiki
2019-08 Mystik738 Frostpunk
2019-08 Esports Lopipi02 Fortnite Esports
2019-08 Esports Zenkoofficial Fortnite Esports
2019-07 Rye Greenwood Terraria (EN) Terraria (DE)
2019-07 Esports NlCKARTS Call of Duty Esports
2019-06 Sparrow Nearly single-handedly running the Hades wiki through all the big content updates!
2019-06 Esports Noisia1896 Continued exceptional work on Leaguepedia
2019-05 Magiczocker Hytale (DE)
2019-05 Esports Sergeantpetpig Leaguepedia
2019-04 Quadrapod Graveyard Keeper
2019-04 Esports Ade20k Leaguepedia
2019-03 Bluebirdyhahaha Black Survival
2019-03 Esports Jesto95 Leaguepedia
2019-02 Frisk GRASP and the Official Minecraft Wiki
2019-02 Esports FigoHSV Contributions to the tournament database migration effort
2019-01 Westgrass Terraria Wikis, doing Templates and CSS and more. Most notable work is on the ZH and EN Wikis
2019-01 Esports Rosenfole Hard work done on the Fortnite Esports Wiki to keep up with one of the most vibrant growing esports scenes in the industry
2018-12 Thrust216 Offseason roster swaps on Leaguepedia
2018-11 The Wayward Wolf Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki, especially the mobile sections.
2018-10 PicayuneCoterie SCUM Wiki
2018-09 AttemptToCallNil MCW-RU for quite some time, helping to track down bugs, providing excellent leadership, and being very proactive in communication with the rest of the community. Interview
2018-08 MarkusRost All things Gamepedia, from wikis to Discord to Slack to Twitch. His Wiki-Bot has been invaluable for Discord servers and Twitch streams. Interview
2018-07 Mug806 Official Wiki for Satisfactory, documenting dev streams and every scrap of info on the game. Interview
2018-06 Fusilli zaitsev The Fortnite and Fortnite esports wikis Interview
2018-05 Flachdachs The Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki and the Discord bot for querying the wiki.
2018-04 Muhawi Escape from Tarkov wiki in the weeks leading up to and following a major update. Interview
2018-03 Donut Gears of War and Fortnite esports wikis.
2018-02 Les Belettes Esports coverage on the League of Legends Wiki.
2018-01 Kittymmeow The Fortnite Wiki
2017-12 MakandIv The Official Russian Minecraft Wiki.
2017-11 Pcj Wowpedia and the GRASP team
2017-10 Elaeagnifolia Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Wiki and Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki
2017-09 Pangaearocks Pillars of Eternity Wiki and with helping fellow editors in our Gamepedia Slack community
2017-08 Yuzuki356 Worlds of Tomorrow Wiki
2017-07 Mr Pie 5 Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki and with helping fellow editors in our Gamepedia Slack community
2017-06 Taranis71 German Skyrim Wiki
2017-05 OmegaK2 Path of Exile Wiki
2017-04 TheSatanicSanta FTB Wiki
2017-03 PeterWind Wowpedia, as well as dedication to his personal passion project The Bestiary
2017-02 Cadaei Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki, as well as being a friendly and helpful member of the community
2017-01 CompleCCity Fallout Wiki and Pillars of Eternity
2016-12 Eduaddad A variety of Portuguese-language projects
2016-11 Emberimp Battlerite Wiki, Dishonored Wiki, and other various wikis
2016-10 TomTungsten Planet Explorers Wiki
2016-09 OrOrg Diepio Wiki
2016-08 Xbony2 Hard work across Gamepedia
2016-07 Haykam821 Pokemon GO Wiki
2016-06 Ddfairchild No Man's Sky Wiki Interview
2016-05 Hawchang Official Neverwinter Wiki Interview
2016-04 Exschwasion BOI:R Wiki and Official Enter the Gungeon Wiki
2016-03 Nakriin Official German Minecraft Wiki and Streamerpedia Interview
2016-02 Cappucciruno Blade & Soul Wiki Interview
2016-01 MNSweet Official TerraTech Wiki Interview
2015-12 Streak2 Official TerraTech Wiki Interview
2015-11 Scoaler Armored Warfare Wiki Interview
2015-10 Alex Great Translating the Help wiki into Russian
2015-09 ILeonx Minecraft Wiki (both EN and DE) Interview
2015-08 IllegalOpcode Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki Interview
2015-07 Taohinton Hearthstone Wiki and other projects Interview

Editor of the Year

The Editor of the Year is a concept that was first introduced in 2018. The recipient is named in December from the monthly winners of the Editor of the Month within a year and recognizes their contributions throughout the whole year.

  • 2020 - AttemptToCallNil - ATCN has done great work for the Gamepedia community as it relates to the UCP and tracking it for the community. Their help articles are widely used by the community and are greatly appreciated. ATCN has also provided a ton of Lua help to the esports wikis, but also to anyone who needs it on the Fandom/Gamepedia Discord server.
  • 2020 (Esports) - Thrust216 - This past year, Thrust has taken the lead in our roster-change-conversion project, manually updating the input format of all our roster changes dating back the past decade on the wiki. In addition to converting tons of them himself, he's trained new people on how to use the system and also helped to shape the design of a large number of facets of the new system. Thrust also monitors the script that populates daily Global Contract Database changes and edits pages as needed, in addition to informing of any lapses in the system.
Aside from roster changes, Thrust has covered or helped to cover several leagues: EBL, Hitpoint Masters, Spanish 2nd Division & Amateur Scene, OPL (RIP), and LCL. He also generally helped out with creating and updating pages on the wiki as changes happened. Without the help of automated tools, Thrust frequently made 50-100 or more edits daily throughout the year.
  • 2019 - Frisk - For the tireless work on Discord and with GRASP.
  • 2019 (Esports) - FigoHSV - For outstanding work over the past year, helping with every aspect of the LoL Esports wiki from live coverage to the new roster change updates
  • 2018 - MarkusRost - To acknowledge the incredible impact Markus has had in all things Gamepedia, from wiki editing to administration to GRASP to Slack to Discord to Twitch to Wiki-Bot.