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Hey everyone,

It’s no secret that Gamepedia is entirely supported by ads. Over the years the ways we have delivered ads have changed and we’ve reached a point where we have to try something new once more.

Due to changing advertisement buyer expectations, we are testing a new implementation for one of our ad units called “DistroScale”. This new system displays a video ad in line with article content in an effort to keep up with the changing trends.

This is the same video ad unit that appears at the top of the siderail on the right side of the page. When scrolled down, the new ad will show up at the end of the first content section but also below the infobox if there is one. When scrolling past that point, the video will pop back into the siderail.

We have been testing this system on the Ark wiki for the last month and feel like we’re ready to expand the test to more of our network of wikis. This is not going to be the final implementation of this system. This is a ‘bridge solution’ that we can do right now while we’re exploring other, better long term options. We want to reach a solution that will both work for our advertisers and be as non-disruptive to our editors and readers as possible.

You can see the new in-content ad unit implementation on the Ark wiki.

If you have PRO you will need to check it out using a private tab or by logging out first.

As this is a test we will be rolling it out to wikis in waves. This means you may not see it on your wiki right away. We’re going to be collecting your feedback throughout the process and actively working to make this transition as smooth as possible.

If you have any issues with the new ad system on your wiki you can notify your Wiki Manager for help or contact us directly. We’re also on Discord and would love to hear your feedback there.


We’re making a change with the placement of an existing ad unit.

It will only show up for users who are not logged in.

Logged in and PRO users will see no change.

--HeyTots (talk) 16:55, 25 November 2019 (UTC)