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The Analytics Dashboard is a feature available on all Gamepedia wikis that provides analytics information for that wiki. The Dashboard is accessible to administrators and Wiki Guardians through the analytics page, which is also in the list of special pages.

Why analytics for admins?[]

The information we gather through our various systems can give a lot of insight into how each wiki is being used. We feel that information such as Top Pages and Most Viewed Images can help our admins and top editors choose the best ways to focus their efforts on content creation as well as learn more about the types of users who are accessing the wiki for content.

This feature was very highly requested in the 2017 Gamepedia Editor Survey, and so we decided to focus our efforts on creating it for the community.

Data usage policy and examples[]

Much of the data provided in the Analytics Dashboard is considered to be private and should not be widely shared or distributed. Generally, this includes anything that is not available to all users on the wiki, such as specific traffic numbers. It is shared as a courtesy to help our admins and editors gain insight into their individual wikis. Therefore, we ask that you consider how you share this data with any non-administrators. It is our intent that data can and should be shared within communities, but generally in a manner that maintains some level of care.

Green check DO share statistics with other active editors on your wiki

Icon delete DON'T use public image hosts (such as Imgur) to share screenshots

Green check DO use statistics in discussions on-wiki about content development decisions

Icon delete DON'T share specific statistics in public forums, discords, or other spaces

These are just basic examples. If you have any questions about how these statistics should be used, please contact a Gamepedia staff member.


How do I get X feature added?

Please use the talk page to request features or provide feedback.

Where is this data drawn from?

Data is taken from various sources including Google Analytics, standard MediaWiki logging, and our custom Gamepedia systems for tracking points and achievements.

How often is this data updated?

Data is updated a maximum of once per day.

Why is <language variant> wiki displaying only EN statistics?

Currently all language variant wikis traffic statistics are lumped together with the EN wiki. We are looking at ways to split these out to provide meaningful information to these communities. The edit, search, and editor statistics are unique to that wiki.

What should I do if I know someone is abusing the Dashboard and sharing information in a way I think may be against this policy?

Contact a Gamepedia staff member so that we can look into the situation. Generally, except in extreme cases, we will simply remind the user to review these policies. We reserve the right to take other actions as the situation warrants.