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Hydradark issues with your modules / template documentation[править код]

If you switch to hydradark, your template documentation is unreadable (example). You also have a misplaced , </div> in here. Also, remember that you need to make changes to both Mediawiki:Hydra.css and Mediawiki:Hydradark.cssGame widow (Обсуждение участника ) 12:59, 24 марта 2017 (UTC)

It was supposed to be later. I have an active dark theme. When I find time will fix it. — Ivan-r MCW.Admin 14:20, 24 марта 2017 (UTC)
Game widow. Tear out my eyes. These styles are just awful. I hardly got used to them. ideal skin. Link is not readable in hydra style. They blend in with the background. Please fix it, and following I fix my template. — Ivan-r MCW.Admin 14:47, 26 марта 2017 (UTC)