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Gamepedia only hosts game wikis - we are not game developers!
If you are experiencing issues with a specific game, please visit the game's official website to contact support.

Need help? The Medewerkers van Gamepedia is here to answer any of your Gamepedia or wiki-related questions. You can use one of the contact methods above, or talk to us directly on the wikis.
The best way to contact Gamepedia is by emailing

Contact guidelines[ | ]

When contacting Gamepedia, please include as much information as possible, such as:

  • The wiki or specific page you have a question about
  • Any relevant page links
  • Your Gamepedia username

Reminder: Gamepedia is not a game developer, and we cannot assist with game-related support issues.

Wiki-specific issues[ | ]

Want to contact a Gamepedia staff member or Administrator on the wikis? Use our admin noticeboard, community portal, IRC channels, or Gamepedia Slack.

Admin noticeboard[ | ]

To contact the Administrators and Wiki Guardians on a specific wiki, visit the admin noticeboard in the wiki's sidebar. This is often the fastest way to get in contact with a wiki's admin team. If the wiki you have a question about does not have the admin noticeboard in the sidebar, please email

Community portal[ | ]

A wiki's Admin staff will be listed in the community portal, also located in the wiki's sidebar. You can click "Talk" next to a staff member's username to visit their talk page. Make sure to ask questions specific to the wiki they moderate. If the wiki you have a question about does not have the community portal in the sidebar, please email

IRC channels[ | ]

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing. Several Gamepedia wikis have their own channels. You can view the full list on the IRC page.

Slack[ | ]

Many Gamepedia Staff and local administrators are active on the Gamepedia Slack. Many wikis have their own channel which you can join; there's also a #general channel, #feedback channel, and private messages. See here for more information.

Translation requests[ | ]

For help translating a wiki into a language other than English, see the translation guidelines. Once the main page of the wiki has been translated, along with a handful of content pages, contact the wiki manager and request the new translated wiki be created. The wiki styling and translated pages will be copied to the new wiki and new translations can continue there.

  • Note: Some wikis have different translation guidelines. It is recommended to reach out to the wiki manager before starting translations to prevent potential issues.

Medewerkers van Gamepedia[]

Alianin (Product Manager) English overleg  •  bijdragen
Game widow (Wiki Teamleidster) English Français overleg  •  bijdragen
HeyTots (Gaming Community Manager) English overleg  •  bijdragen
MisterWoodhouse (Global Community Lead) English overleg  •  bijdragen

Wiki Managers[]

Atvelonis English overleg  •  bijdragen
MannedTooth English Français overleg  •  bijdragen
MarkusRost Deutsch overleg  •  bijdragen
Moviesign English overleg  •  bijdragen
Mr Pie 5 English overleg  •  bijdragen
OishiiOnIno English overleg  •  bijdragen
Pcj English overleg  •  bijdragen
Sitb English overleg  •  bijdragen
SlyCooperFan1 English overleg  •  bijdragen
Surafbrov English overleg  •  bijdragen
Tagaziel Polski overleg  •  bijdragen


Havi Nederlands overleg  •  bijdragen