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Du möchtest den Namen einer Seite ändern? Dann hilft dir dieser Artikel mit Sicherheit weiter.

Denn dazu benötigst du die im Folgenden beschriebene "Verschieben"-Funktion MediaWikis.


Je nach Design des Wikis kann die Position des Menüs variieren.

Für unangemeldete Nutzer ist dieses Menü unsichtbar, ansonsten findest du es in der Umgebung des Suchfeldes unter "Mehr" die Option "Verschieben".

Optional kannst du auch die Tastenkombination Alt+Umschalt+M verwenden.


Once you click the move item from the list, you will be taken to a page where you can change some of the parameters of that page.


Starting from the move page panel:

  • The first item designates the page you intend to move.
  • The section item allows you to choose what title you want to grant that page. If you are changing a content page for the wiki, leave it set to main, if you are an admin or guardian changing mediawiki pages, use the appropriate title.
    • Afterwards you can type in the new name of the page you want to move to.
  • Important!
    • For the safety of the admins and your content, please enter a reason for this move in the next box. This allows us to understand the reason behind the move, and correct any mistakes accordingly.

Once you are done, you can check the boxes that pertain to what you want to do. It is highly recommended to leave the "Leave a redirect behind" checked (we talk about that below) as well as the "watch source page and target page" checked. This allows users to always be taken to your new page instead of viewing outdated content. You will also be notified when someone adds content, added a collaborative effect among the community.


If you move page "A" to a new title "B", this operation will do the following:

The second point is important. By using the "Verschieben" feature, you also move the editing history, which is desirable in most situations. The editing history allows people to see how the content of the page was built up, and who contributed what.

However, if you decide to copy and paste content to a new page, where the intent is to move the page, it would be a general mess for admins and the community to keep track of changes for that particular page.

  • Some examples of problems when copy pasting instead of moving:
    • Users editing a page that shouldn't exist
    • Users looking for pages that don't exist or are seriously outdated.
    • Admins having to moderate and/or remove a page that isn't a part of the main wiki content.

So please remember that if you intend to move the contents of a page to another page in its entirety. Only use the the move function as instructed above.

For more information on how users are able to edit/see the history of a page, see Tracking changes.

Moving a page without creating a redirect

Users with the suppressredirect user right can optionally move a page without creating a redirect. This right is automatically given to all autoconfirmed users.

When users with this user right move a page, there will be an additional option to deselect the "leave a redirect behind" option. This is useful when the old title wouldn't be a likely search term.

When moving a page without leaving a redirect, it's important to fix broken links to the previous title. The "Links auf diese Seite" feature, which can be used through the link in the Werkzeuge (at bottom of the sidebar on the left) is useful when doing this.

Proposing a move

Deciding on a page title can be a difficult aspect of wiki organization, and one which can often provoke debates. If the move you have in mind is one which might cause upset or could be considered controversial, you should propose the move first. Do this by leaving a note giving your reasons on the talk page. Your wiki may also have a move template you can mark the subject page with to help draw more attention to the proposal.

Undo a move

As with all wiki editing, a move operation can be reversed (by any user). To reverse a move operation, simply move the page back, e.g. move page "B" back to "A".

When undoing obvious page move vandalism, the option to leave a redirect should be deselected - otherwise the page title "B" will still be left behind as a redirect from "B" to "A". If you do see a redirect that was left as a result of page move vandalism, tag it for deletion, although only a sysop can actually delete it.